Privatization plans in Belarusian: everything is very expensive

S.Sidorsky: "Distribute state property for pennies we have no intention"
On the ability of the privatization of large Belarusian companies recently wrote a Russian newspaper "Vedomosti", it is widely open a discussion professionals. Now Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky confirmed plans to the Ministry of Economy to conduct in 2007 competition in the sale of shares of a number of strategic companies.
Head of government privatization intentions illustrated by the example of Bobruisk association "Belshina". With all this he voiced even probable price of the enterprise — more than 1 billion dollars. "Belshina" — a company that works fine for a penny and distribute state property, we have no intention, "- said Sidorsky.
M.Zaleski: "To name the price" Belshina "offhand is not necessary"
But economist Mike Zaleski sure: the price "Belshina" taken "from the ceiling":
"They did not awake, they in a dream they say. Since call cost" Belshina "offhand do not need. And evaluate" Belshina "- it is also job. In fact, to present it for sale, weighing on my (and I worked for the company "Kuperz lebretryz" harsh on his own time the company) need in Belarus: a) emergency legislative procedure in the privatization of the object b) the work of the team, which will cost 10-12 million dollars. Now then you can announce a tender for the sale of "Belshina" offer its customers. Since we do not have listed and the real price we do not know her. This is "the bulldozer" value or a balance. We have to "Beltransgaz" this was when he and 500 millions of dollars cost, and 15 billion appeared here and there in the center, while at the same time, the Czechs own "transgaz" than ours, the Germans sold for 7.5 billion That outcome. "
It is also planned to offer investors a stake MAZ "Beltelecom"» y "Krynica" and other
How should the proposals of the Ministry of Economy, in the midst of strategic objects that can be put up for sale — Navapolatsk "Polymir" and "Naftan" Mozyr refinery association "Belshina", "Grodno Nitrogen", "Mogilevkhimvolokno", "Grodnokhimvolokno" three of the four sweet factories.
Also the government to initiate before head of state proposals on privatizing state property shred of potential investors of the Minsk Automobile Plant, monopolist telephone "Beltelecom" Grodno Tobacco Factory, producers of alcoholic beverages — yet mentioned Minsk factory of sparkling wines and brewery "Krynica".
Could be implemented more expensive — if carried quotation of shares on the Stock Exchange of Belarusian companies
Economist Vladimir Karyagin welcomes intentions Belarusian authorities, but is convinced that the real price of companies should be called not government bureaucrats, and are independent experts:
"I think that this is a common financial practice, when sold or certain of privatized enterprises. Though I naturally prior to the sale of these companies would be better spent working in the development of the Belarusian Stock Exchange, that stocks could be sold. Then we could implement them more expensive — if carried quotation of shares of Belarusian companies. I think that is quite a large range of companies could such makarom receive investment. It is possible to behold the case of China, even when the price of the enterprise increases sharply. I do not know why, but specifically in this direction the government of Belarus makes a very feeble movement. "
By Misha Zaleski views economist for the year are listed in the plans for the privatization of enterprises is virtually impossible to implement. Since it is not only difficult techno work, and very expensive.

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