Products of the Belarusian farmers more appreciated in Russia

According to statistics, there are now about 2,100 peasants. As the chairman of the Belarusian public association peasants Konstantin Ermolenko for 5 years since the previous Congress, the number of individual farmers declined.
In the past year, for example, in the Gomel region was abolished 28 farms, while only 15 was formed.
Says managing association of local farmers Misha Baida: "There are a number of problems that must be addressed. So as not to bury the farmers, that they were not only in the museum. After farming — this is the only form of economic organization that assured the world experience, which is applicable for the work on the ground. "
How is life for farmers? For example, Brest?
Anatoly Tarasevich — managing the farm "Bordeaux" in Pruzhany district: "Poor. We passed on the starch factory very many potatoes. But it is not enough that we have not received allowances that we were promised, and even removed a long time ago. Prick us. That passed the sweet beets, but This time the world did not pay. It seems as if we are the hosts, but generally expect support from anywhere. Private owner — this is bad. "

In 1990, the year in Belarus was Recorded 150 farmers. In 1995 — 4500. In 2007 — 2100.

Sovereign Tarasevich has 100 acres of land. Since Last year potatoes he had bought on the cheap, this year he decided to turn away from it. Pruzhanskiy farmer wants to grow rye and sell it where profitable. Individual farmer with Vladimir Novitsky Luninechchiny also considers economic conditions unprofitable partnership with the state. Because it sells its products in Russia.
Nowicki: "Belarusian market is underdeveloped. They do not" swallow "the volumes that we grow. We grow thousands of tons of products — beet, radish dark. And it is competitive in the markets St. Petersburg, Moscow. I look forward to primarily themselves. After subsidies no. If you can survive, survive. If not, then no ".
Sovereign Novitsky survives so for seven years. 18 years alone host family in Pinsk Kabryntsov. This is — one of the oldest farms in the area and quite in Brest.
Ground put Kabryntsov, as saidand mistress Olga, 27 acres, "We have a swamp. Fact, that previously given crop failures. Next — a river. Every spring zatoplivae. Nobody cleans. Zatoplivae our site. In This year was water all summer. So now it turns out that only one has more than 50 acres and more than just help the country then. Referred to: fidget ourselves. "

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