Prosecutor’s Office warned independent newspaper Gantsevichi hour

District Attorney Hantsavichy Sergei kill clarify for any violation of journalists’ Hantsavichy time "received a warning.
Kill: "We wrote the chairman Election Commission that they were given information, but journalists are not so little released. That’s all. "
Reporter: "The next warning is what? Can close the newspaper?
Kill: "In principle, it is already possible to put such a question."
In This year circulation "Hantsavichy time" increased by 500 copies and reached the 3-thousand. Staff-independent edition organized in district villages and alternative subscription and delivery to your home. Editor Peter Guzaevsky:

Guzaevsky: "I believe that at the level of our prosecutors, which for some reason becomes more executive branch, there is pressure on the newspaper to stop her output. Bureaucrats do not like the increase in circulation. They are trying to bring down the pace that the newspaper began to type. People more she became interested and less fear. This power scares. "
According to the Belarusian Association of Journalists, "Gantsevichi hour" for many local inhabitants became almost the only instance where to go and get help in solving any problems or to realize the right to freedom of speech. BAJ lawyer says Andrei Bastunets:
Bastunets: "In the regional prosecutor’s office oriented appeal with an appeal direct attention out what’s happening in Gantsevichi area. And when the regional prosecutor’s office did not respond, then turn to the Prosecutor of Belarus. Since all the same will not need to adhere to the Governing Board, the prosecutor must adhere bukovkoy and spirit of the law. "

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