Protect your feet from the youth

The life of modern man is becoming more active, the events follow each other all the more promptly, but the mobility, by contrast, is falling. What we have as a result? 15% of the time any of us spend sitting behind the wheel of a car or hanging on the handlebars in a crowded subway car, often with heavy bags. Another 8-10 hours (30-40%), we spend at work, that is, sitting — the computer, in meetings, or stand — behind the reception desk, behind the counter in a store. Home duties also basically "standing" — cooking, washing dishes, lessons with children. Even from the entertainment we often opt for theater, cinema, restaurant and Internet, because after so many hours of sitting and standing, it seems there is no way out for a walk.

It would seem that it is an objective reality, because all live, and thank God that there is work, family and money for the theater. But, no matter how trite sound, the main thing in our life — it's great, and it should be protected, because when it is not, we can not not work as it should, no fun, and "weather in the house" goes bad or outright . And in a situation where 90% of the time we have to sit or stand virtually motionless — and this, combined with stress, lack of exercise, irregular and / or malnutrition — one of the main impacts have on our feet. They start to hurt and swell, become heavy, there are the first vascular "stars."

This is because the blood vessels stagnates violated its normal current, and this could then lead to serious consequences for both aesthetic (bulging veins, deformation and discoloration of the skin), and the physiological nature (swelling, numbness, pain). In turn, these effects influence the social and professional life: there are some restrictions in the clothes and shoes, it becomes difficult to fly in an airplane and carry a change of climate, stand for long. Therefore it is necessary to pay due attention to prevention, especially if you are at risk due to two or more factors, such as: heredity, age, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged static loads, high growth, frequent flights, hormonal drugs, sports overload, constant strong stress and, finally, pregnancy and childbirth.

Observe the prevention of venous insufficiency is both easy and difficult. Just because they only take us back to the natural state, and is difficult because we are so used to eating properly, not only to move and live in defiance of the biological clock and the laws that go "back to nature" is very easy. But it must be done — for the love of self and of his feet.

Diet: need to reduce the fat content and significantly increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables — they help to provide active blood circulation and maintain a healthy heart function. Pay special attention to the cabbage, carrots, spinach and tomatoes, as well as citrus fruits, berries, bananas and grapes.

Weight: the presence of excess weight — a direct threat to the health of the feet, so you need to prevent the emergence of extra pounds. If we are talking about weight loss, in any case, can not sit down on a rigid diet — change your habits gradually, carefully follow the diet, increase the proportion of fiber. In some cases, lose weight permitted only under the supervision of a medical officer.

Posture: make sure that the position in which you are sitting or standing, as your feet are located. If you have to be long in one position, be sure to pull the legs, knead them, making a rotational movement of the foot, so that the blood in the vessels does not stagnate. It is equally important to keep your back straight.

Movement: health pledge feet — the smooth circulation of blood, which requires movement and a sufficient amount of oxygen. Be sure to use your free time for walks and exercise, get out to the park or the city, find the strength to cycling, badminton. Be sure to sign up in the pool, swimming — one of the best tools prevent vascular disease.

Medications: for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins is better to use products based on natural ingredients, contain flavonoids — biologically active substances that improve blood circulation, increase the elasticity of the veins and strengthen their walls. Flavonoids are found in particular in red leaves of grapes. This plant is a powerful antioxidant — French winegrowers, who seemed to have been suffering from varicose veins standing work, use compression and other remedies on the basis of red vine leaves, and heaviness in the legs, pain and swelling were held without a trace.

This standardized extract of red vine leaves is an essential component of the drug Antistax®. Manufacturers carefully selected leaves and subjected to careful handling, with bioactive flavonoids are stored and used for effective foot care. Antistax®provides a protective effect on vascular epithelium and normalizes vascular permeability that inhibits the formation of new and significantly reduces edema existing.

The drug is available in capsules, as well as a cooling spray and gel. Antistax capsules®effectively relieve pain and swelling in the legs, normalizing blood circulation, but it is necessary to remember the importance of the course taking — treatment interruption or failure of it in the middle of the course negate the whole result. Cooling spray is convenient to use on the road, in the office, out of town — a compact canister easily fit in a purse, and caring formula based on grape leaf extract and panthenol will have a cooling and soothing effect. Gel Antistax®helps to quickly remove the heaviness returns a sense of ease and comfort, prevents pain and is especially recommended for use in summer and winter, when the symptoms worsen and veins require additional support.

There are contraindications. Before use, check the manual or consult a doctor.



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