Public activists demanding the release of Denisova

Denis Denisov was arrested "Based on the protocol of detention" in the evening on February 16 in Gomel, where he intended to go to Vitebsk. Young man was delivered in Homel temporary detention facility. He is accused of committing crimes under part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (organization and preparation of group activities that breach public order).
Siuchyk not exclude the possibility that, likely, refers to the action of the summer Vitebsk 2006, when lighting tower city stadium youth activist Christine Shatsikava posted white-red-white flag, and in the town appeared graffiti "Mutiny".
According sovereign Siuchyk, Denisov shall be removed to receive the transfer, citing the fact that it is temporary and in Gomel must be transported to Vitebsk.
"We consider the arrest of a settling of scores Denisova anti-popular regime for attempting to inform people standards of democracy, rule of law and respect Human Rights. We believe a "case" Denisova politically targeted and demand his immediate release, "- said in a statement.
Democratic activists are calling political parties, public organizations and all people of good will claim the immediate release of Denis Denisov.

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