Pyatkevich: UN Convention on the forced disappearance is not topical for Belarus

BelaPAN recalls that before This time no known incidents of disappearance of the former deputy chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Viktor Gonchar, former Interior Minister Yuri Zakharenko, businessman Anatoly Krasovsky and operator Russian ORT cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky. International Society more than once called on the authorities of Belarus rassledvats incident disappearance these people. In 2006n The UN General Assembly has condemned Belarus for violating Human Rights and urged the authorities to look for somebody to blame for the disappearance of opposition leaders.

Convention on the protection of persons from forced disappearance of persons was adopted In December 2006 the UN General Assembly. In February 2007 it was signed by representatives of 57 countries in the world. Belarus has not yet acceded to the document.
Kanfentsyya prescribes eyektyvnyya take administrative and legislative, sudrovyya and other measures to prevent and suppress acts of forcible disappearance. The Convention prohibits the existence of hidden prisons and obliged to report seven holes» on the fate of detained relatives.

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