Radek Dombrowski: With BSSR remembered banks juices and bread

Reporter: "For those who know nothing about the Belarusian Association» students, like you told briefly what you do What is it still in business?"
Dombrowski: "Belarusian Association» connects students voedinyzhdy students Belarusian nationality in Poland, the Polish people. UAS student engaged in ordinary activities, cooperates with many Polish student organizations. It started back in the late 80s when there was More Polish People’s Republic. then BAS acted as an unregistered organization. Here recall that fall Basayev was 25 years old. Puzzles our activities are to enable the young people, young Belarusians ".
Reporter: "And in the» association of young Belarusians?"
Dombrowski: "At the moment there are not so small as it was in the early 90’s, when the organization was registered. Currently about 40 people. And earlier we had friends weaving Basayev."
Reporter: "Radek, you can occasionally hear about stereotypes, Poles perceive Belarusians. They say even about the equal sign between Belarusian th savetskastsyu. Whether such exists in Poland?"
Dombrowski: "I would not say that with savetskastsyu. From time to time it happens that they do not directly, not in person, they say that you are of. Naturally, there are many Poles who see us on a level with them. Thus began our cooperation Polish student organizations. They themselves approached us. And at the moment on a wave of enthusiasm in Europe the situation in Belarus, they are just starting to get acquainted and learn who the Belarusians what Belarus. I would not say that I feel bad going on the street or on television, or at some concert popravde I — Belarusian. All this normally accept. Even interested in this. "
Reporter: "And you be able to tell, that in recent years, specifically the ratio of Polish society towards Belarus has changed in connection with informing about events in Belarus? "
Dombrowski: "Of course, little has changed, because previously no one knew what Belarus. Even at the moment of the people it refers to Russia. Example, and they say:" We are going to Russia, "not they say:" We’re going to Belarus " . Belarus was associated only with the Lukashenka. And now, when a lot of material on television, radio and in newspapers, their slightly different view. "
Reporter: "To close this topicOncewould say one figure Belarusian movement in Poland. It said that in the 80 years they have been the case with the beautiful Warsaw foci of "Solidarity", but specifically in the area of Bialystok many of those Poles in including anti-communists, the Belarusian culture, attitude to the Belarusian painful even militant. And you, as a man of Bialystok, see any difference in relation to the Belarusians specifically in the area of Bialystok, Poland and the rest? "
Dombrowski: "I do not want to say what is observed directly, but such an attitude is. Occasionally felt that when there is a report of some Belarusian activities can be heard:" Here again the Russians on a TV show. "Clearly, that if they live with a number of different nationalities, there are certain historical charges to each other. And here we can say that only because the Poles are looking at Belarusians take them a little bad And Belarusians affected by palyakashv also refer respectively. "
Reporter: "Radek, and your personal views about Belarus … what they were before the first time you visited Belarus? And what was more vivid recollection after, Been like Belarus? "
Dombrowski: "It is hard to say, because in the 80s, when I was 6 years old, I went with my parents to the Byelorussian SSR. I beheld it all. What do you remember from youth? Shops, public on steel shelves were banks juices and bread. I it seemed that nothing else in the store is not. But all the toys that were at home, they were from Belarus. At the moment I quite often travel to Belarus. There, I have a lot of friends. From time to time do not even know how to visit for all one trip. When I went to the New Year celebration and remember prazdnichka perception of how nation-wide action. cross the border by car, listening to the radio. Exit every DJ began with the words "Happy New Year!" All songs were dedicated to a brand new year. bully Grodno, there are posters "Happy New Year". visited Minsk — the same. All after midnight are sitting in the kitchen. Firs specifically put the New Year, rather than Christmas. This struck me. Honestly, amazing. "
Reporter: "Radek, ALS has been organizing the festival" Basowiszcza "a very popular festival in the midst of the Belarusian youth. Specially Many travel to the festival from Belarus. But in recent years many have criticized the festival for uniformity. Allegedly, the group moved from Belarus only 1 — of format — languid music. Would you agree with that? "
Dombrowski: "I would not say that the 1st format. This is not the Belarusian group. Was we Italian group. Even then headline in the newspaper was" Italyanava disk. "Was hip-hop — Blood and acted" reddish along the white. " 2 years because we have invited even "Dali", which did not even qualify qualifying round. Just listening to their music, we zahatstseli. That is sounded. Currently it is necessary to solve the problem, it will be a rock festival, or it will be a music festival young Belarusians . supporters there, so it remained a rock festival, but there are some who wish to to change something. And the main audience — is youth. We do not want to change the format of the festival hard, but I wish that came on Basowiszcza different groups, and there was music: hip-gon, hard rock, ska. About the fact that people spoke about the treaty Basowiszcza obviously. I perceive criticism is perfectly normal. As well as you need to take and correct their mistakes. Only infrequently happens that in various articles and statements on the forums, this festival is perceived so that it works specifically for young people from Belarus, it is a politicized celebration. This festival is held in the main for young Belarusians in Poland, so that they could listen to their own native language, dance with my own music, because so little. Bolshchasts activities that suit the Belarusian cultural societies in Bialystok, for older people. There are the folk groups. What young people pryazhzhayuts with white-red-white flags, it’s cool that everybody likes, because we were the situation in Belarus are also of concern. But the festival is a thought — support the Belarusian identity of young Belarusians in Poland, support whiteRussian language and Belarusian culture. "
Reporter: "And what can be seletnyagya expect from the festival? Which configurations in format? What artists are invited not for a role in the competition as guests? "
Dombrowski: "We know already some who invite, because without some stars of Belarusian musicians, the festival can not happen. Many expect such stars as" Nevra dowel "," NRM "," Crum. "Who else will invite at the moment solved. Also begin to negotiate with partners from Belarus, which will be hosting the qualifying round in Belarus. We want them to include them in the Software Council. We are going to represent specifically Belarusians to know what interests Belarusians that they heed. "
Reporter: "From what you have heard and read in recent years, with the Belarusian culture and literature can intrigue wide Polish audience?"
Dombrowski: "The music becomes popular with us in the area of Bialystok. We held many concerts. Some concerts suit even the Poles, and the Poles on their come. Twist on national stations Belarusian songs. Intrigued there. No such recipe that can intrigue. Can only to learn, to touch it. "

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