Ramzan Kadyrov: If you’re the manager, you should not fear

Always conflict in Chechnya, Moscow has found a strong personality, which can be to oppose the favorite resistance. After the start of the second Chechen war bet was prepared Akhmad Kadyrov. But May 9, 2004 he was killed. Already during his lifetime by his son Ramzan began to concentrate in their hands all great power, first — the security forces. In 2004 he became head of the Interior Ministry, and later prime minister. Controlling the power structures, it is not a lot of numbers with nominal Chechen President Alu Alkhanov, and in February this year confrontation ended in complete victory for Kadyrov.
Human rights defenders and journalists have long been rumors about the ruthlessness that make men slaves Kadyrov — intimidation, disappearances and killings. According to some versions specifically Kadyrov’s men were involved in the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was one of the most harshest critics of the regime established in Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.
But opponents do not refute his willpower. Kremlin existing situation suits — conflict "chachenizavany" was a man who was able to establish in Chechnya at least a police order. However, here there is a political trap: Kadyrov — lord Chechnya — are increasingly showing independence from Moscow.
All of these points quite clearly reflected in the interview that Ramzan Kadyrov gave our radio. The question about what he sees his own primary concern, Kadyrov said:
Kadyrov: "President-heavy post. This does not mean that work hard. Hard because you have to answer before God for the people. At least some time when a Chechen — for example, in another region — to get into a difficult situation, you have to get up to his defense. We have thousands of people who are missing. Anybody for it is not responsible. We have a lot of innocent people prisoners. many killed and abducted wicked Chechens and the same federal agencies. wish I would assist at least one of the innocent victims . When I set foot on this path, I will not read what I feds or not. I proceeded from his own love of the Chechen people. "
In the near future the government intensified friction between Kadyrov and Moscow over rassredotachivaniya proceeds from the sale of oil produced in Chechnya. Kadyrov says about that followed.
Kadyrov: "To lift our economy is not enough one oil, it can quickly end in. Needed jobs. As for the discussions that have been and currently are around oil, we say sell this oil anywhere, but the means for her to send our budget. If the Chechens went out and brought the consent and, like others, are masters at — Federal Center will work our favor. "
Many, including past president of Chechnya, Alu Alkhanov, they say that the country is set real "personality cult" Kadyrov Kadyrov navadits many nightmare on the republic’s population.
Kadyrov: "Praise must beautiful lady — for her beauty. And if you’re the manager, you should not fear. Should not be afraid to be you knocked down and take control should not fear, do not justify his confidence. Destroyed in Chechnya rebuilt 86 schools, 100 hospitals, in harsh renovated 712 houses, it more than 24 thousand apartments. And if people, expressing gratitude, they say thank me, this is called the "personality cult."

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