Rating Crimean situation: NATO opens a new Russian army

Rating Crimean situation: NATO opens a new Russian army

Last weekend, Supreme Allied NATO forces in Europe, General USAF Breedlove spoke at the Brussels Forum, where he gave an assessment Russian army during the Crimean «invasion».

Breedlove was very impressed as preparation «invasion» under the guise of valid agreements on security doctrines, and the operation itself. The troops were put on alert, held unexpected teachings declared retreat. «And then … Boom — and Crimea were perfectly cooked Russian forces «- General diva was given.

Breedlove said that Russian military capabilities have increased significantly since the time of the Georgian campaign in 2008. According to him, if the acts of the Russian Federation in Georgia were not particularly well coordinated, the Crimean operation almost everything went like clockwork, since isolation of the Ukrainian contingent in the Crimea from command by the creation of radio and cyber attacks and ending with the full mastery of the territory of Crimea.

Breedlove was in constant communication with the Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov. Generals communicated February 24, shortly before the outbreak of the Crimean crisis, and agreed to «inform each other» change the situation. Breedlove recognizes that it can not find, mislead him or not, so it is not clear when and how the Russian management decided over Crimea.
General care presence of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, which can be oriented in unrecognized Transnistria government through the terrain of Southern Ukraine. In his view, Our homeland intensively uses the «frozen conflicts» in adjacent countries (for example, in Moldova, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Georgia), so as not to prevent the strengthening of relations with the EU’s own neighbors and NATO: «There is an invasion created a frozen conflict. And then no one and does not wish to think about joining this country to NATO, so they can follow the clash with Russia, which cause great anxiety. » Our homeland successfully combines the use of force myagenkoy (informational influence to pressure) and hard power (the introduction of the armed forces) to merit more political than military results.

Followers NATO were very surprised maneuverability, mobility, discipline and prudence Russian troops. That’s the fruit of reform that began in the Russian army several years ago and continues to this day. It extends even further purely technical qualities of a real security and force structure; used mental approaches and interaction with political reality.

Breedlove long urged listeners that NATO has radically reorganize their forces in accordance with the situation, and to build capacity and develop the latest strategy. But despite all the words, one thing is clear — acts in Crimea, which combined capacity, resilience and brilliant combination myagenkoy and hard power, represent the latest and very serious threat to the Alliance. It was believed that Our homeland is under control. It turns out that it is not quite so, and «controlled area» quite capable of using new techniques and strategies. Western favorites suddenly considered the inconstancy of the European situation, which was previously seen as a triumphant march to weaken and isolate Russia until its complete destruction (remember even the uninformed statement McCain «After Kiev Moscow»). Without a doubt, this is all new for military professionals and NATO hitherto inclined to treat with contempt to Russian forces.

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