Regions: participate in the elections or not?

"I withdraw my candidacy"
Member of the BPF, the candidate for the House of Representatives Rechytsa constituency number 45 Valery Putitsky said now "Freedom", "UDF (United Democratic Forces), as they were intended, first, to the moment. There is a" leftist "who do not understand what is the" right "who have decided to withdraw from the elections.

SLM, as they were intended, first, to the moment.

I’m on a diet BPF vote to all the candidates have been removed. Since the farce no sense to participate. Active members of my group is well aware of what they participated. Officially come out with elections These days are . "
Valery Putitsky born in 1967. Living in Rechitza. Gomel Regional Chairman of the BPF. Graduated from the Belarusian State University of Railway Transport. Married, one daughter and son.
"Does it make sense to renounce role in elections?"
Chairman of the public association "For Free Development of Enterprise", a candidate for the House of Representatives by Borisov city surrounded polling number 62 Victor Gorbachev Attending the meeting of the Political Council of the UDF in Minsk, played there and voted. He explains:

"Acting as legitimate ways, namely via a role in the election campaign, the only way we can show the people that the country is going lawlessness. Boycott ignore our power, on its own will not retreat. If not act, then it all again in the 2011 presidential elections . Or sense at the moment renounce the role in the election? "
Victor Gorbachev — ’43. He graduated from the High School of the frontier military and law faculty of the Municipal Institute.
"I carry out discipline PKB"
First secretary of the Minsk Regional Committee of the Party of Communists Belarusian Sergey Obrozovsky said, "Freedom", which should continue in the role of elections as a trustee of several candidates PKB. But what says the decision Obrozovsky communist United Democratic Forces for the forthcoming role in the election campaign:

"I have this personal account eyes. Elections can no longer be considered valid because the authorities who use the opportunities provided to them by the people, the same people are humiliated. Can I negotiate with them? Some people already severed from the role in the elections, another separate soon. authorities have only one principle: Delhi, and dominion. "
Sergei Obrazovskomu — 49 years. He graduated from the Minsk Polytechnic, and after — the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute. He worked in factories in Pukhovichi region and Minsk. Married, has two sons-uh. Headed up a group that opposes the construction of the village everybody Pukhavichy chemical plant area of personal "August-Bel."
"We are ready to fight in a variety of criteria"
Inhabitant of Brest, a member of the Political Council of the UDF Igor Maslowski in an interview with "Freedom" said opposition members in the region support the decisions of the UDF on participation in elections:

We are for the fact that different criteria in the fight and fight to the finish

"Throughout the region, we for the fact that different criteria in the fight and fight to the finish. This is our consolidated position in the region. We took rating voting individual candidates. And all the opposition candidates who were present unanimously called for the fight."
According to Igor Maslovskoye, in Brest planned to choose 16 members of the House of Representatives. BPF, PKB, BSDP (Gromada), UCP and the Liberal Democratic Party have together 13 candidates.

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