By 2020, the Strategic Missile Forces mission (RVSN) Russia plans to adopt the latest liquid ICBM reports October 6 defense-update. Currently, preliminary design of rocket worked, which should change the ICBM SS-18 Satan (RS-20 — approx. «VP»), which is in service since 1967.

Plans for the development of the latest ICBM Russian Ministry of Defense announced in 2011. Construction of 100-ton layout begin in 2014, tests will be conducted for 4 years, then the rocket will be recommended for serial production.
Another, but somewhat important step typical of Moscow could be the development and creation of the railway-based ICBMs, which can also be deployed by 2020. Brand new rocket will be half based ICBMs similar SS-24 Scalpel Russian period (RS-22, top photo — approx. «VP»), which weighed 104 tons and its transportation needed three locomotives. Strategic ballistic missiles based train hard to find (the newest type of ICBM basing itself can become a «Frontier», according to media reports, for this missile in Belarus created a car chassis with a trigger module, similar in form to the railway carriage, bottom photo — approx. «VP» ).
First Russian railway ICBM SS-24 entered service in 1987, by 1991 there were 12 missile trains. In 2002, in accordance with the contract START missiles were retired, the last base was closed in 2007. Yet, the new START treaty does not prohibit the deployment of ICBMs train home. Back to ICBM basing such an obvious answer would be to deploy parts of the U.S. missile defense in Eastern Europe.

Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev noted that liquid-fuel ICBMs newcomer will have the best soootnoshenie payload to launch mass than solid rockets. As a result, the rocket will carry a massive warheads and more wrong goals to overcome missile defense system. «Having a strong fuel oil ICBM will give us the possibility of creating a strategic precision instruments with ordinary warheads and actually global range, if the U.S. will not abandon their own applets» Global frisky Shot »(prompt global strike — PGS)», the general said.

In 2010, the U.S. experienced layout platform PGS ICBMs type Minuteman III, but then decided to develop hypersonic platforms for global strike frisky.


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