Riddles DST

Who was the first to realize that "time — it means"?
Meaning transfer clock is very simple — very cooperate with working hours to daylight hours. One of the first translation of the idea of the clock to save energy expressed famous American scientist and council leader Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century. And although in the end Franklin got even bill 100 bucks, then to his suggestions were not heeded.
For the first time in the world of daylight saving time occurred in England in 1908. U.S. clock began to move in 1917, during the First World War. Motive energy saving suitable for war, and was then a major decision in the South American governments.
In Russia the first time, daylight saving time occurred in July 1917. In the USSR, the respective transition was carried out before 1930, later it was canceled and restored only through pavstagoddya — in 1981. With addition time and until now he acts in Belarus.
It is too early, tomorrow will be too late
EU countries, also Belarus, Our homeland and other countries CIS converted clock forward by one hour on the last Sunday of March and one hour backwards — on the last Sunday of November. In the United States and Canada the past 30 years have been other periods: one hour ahead of the clock was converted into the first Sunday in April and reversed — in the first Sunday in October.
In This year terms vary — "summer" in the U.S. come March 11th, earlier than in Europe. Supporters of the measure spasylayutsa on calculations which concerns 1974, when America was moving to the "summer time" and in March, according to estimates of the Ministry of Energy, the country then has kept the March-April 1% of energy resources. In This year at the end of the year U.S. Department of Energy will present a report to the government, will be effective as of early this shift to "summer time".
There are temporary and "separatists"
Closer than the country placed on poles earth bullets, so it makes more sense the change of time, since the duration of daylight is significantly different depending on the season. Actually on the pole in the winter polar night reigns in the summer — the polar day. At the same time, countries that are located near the equator, while not translate so there it does not make sense.
It should be noted that in some countries, in some areas there are different orders of transfer time. For example, in the Canadian province of Ontario local authorities, going to meet the requirements of the inhabitants refused to be transferred hours. Also, do not run across on "summer time" South American states of Arizona and Hawaii. Arizona is located in the southern U.S., and Hawaii in general near the equator, because in these regions does not translate watch big energy savings.

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