Not so long ago the South American media said that China has made to equip the unit refills shipborne fighter J-15 (pictured), reports January 18.

January 16 South American military resource Strategy Page said that the aircraft carrier «Liaoning» based, itself a little, four J-15, two of which are equipped equipment for in-flight refueling of other aircraft. So Makar, refueling aircraft can soar to greater combat load.

This system is particularly suitable for carriers with a springboard takeoff system (STOBAR). Fighters on such aircraft carriers soar with the lowest fuel supplies to lift into the air more payload than planes from aircraft carriers filled with catapults (CATOBAR). Catapult allow fighters immediately soar with large combat payload and fuel supplies.

At the end of 2013 the number of J-15 fighters have gained almost 20 units. First 5 aircraft are designed to test, others were built taking into account emerging remarks revealed in the tests. Not so long ago from the deck of an aircraft carrier «Liaoning» soared fighters who carried on board a few bombs and anti-ship missiles.

In the 1990s, Our homeland refused to sell China the Su-33, fearing that Beijing will copy them (China asked for sale only 2-fighters to conduct validation tests). As a result, in 2001 China had acquired the layout of the Su-33 in Ukraine, which went to the country after the collapse of the USSR. It is reported that the first built in China J-15 fighter made the flight in 2010. Russian aviation experts «openly mocked» over China’s ability to make such aircraft based on this layout. But China has reached the of success, and even said that his 30-ton J-15 on its own combat effectiveness is comparable to 23-ton South American F/A-18E Super Hornet.

Meanwhile Our homeland decommissioning Su-33, opting for a cheap purchase more MiG-29K, which is also in service with the Indian Navy. In the 1980s, 33-ton Su-33 and 21-ton MiG-29K intended to equip a 3-class aircraft carriers, «Smith», but only one was built ship. 2nd — «Varyag» — was bought by China and after completion turned into «Liaoning».

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