Russian Navy will arm «calm» in 2014

Russian Navy will arm
Russian Navy will receive the first modular kits antiaircraft missile complex «Calm» in 2014. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said CEO of the holding «Aviation» Maxim Kuzyuk. According to him, the missiles will be delivered under construction for a series of six frigates of Project 11356. Transfer 6 sets of «calm» over the fleet until 2016.

Complex «Calm» is designed Research and Production Enterprise «Start». It was created as a substitute for obsolete missile systems «Hurricane» and contains modules with launchers of anti-aircraft short-and medium-range missiles, and fire control systems. One combat unit with a vertical launcher contains 12 missiles. The complex can be installed on ships of various sizes.

«Calm» is able to destroy air targets at ranges up to 50 km and at an altitude of 15 thousand meters. He is able to fire up to 12 air targets at once. Missiles equipped complex fragmentation warhead and capable of hitting targets, soaring at speeds up to 830 meters per second. In the rocket launcher at the start of the container is ejected powder catapult to a height of 25 meters, then started marching engine.

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