Sanctions against Belarusian officials have continued to be

Draft decree ready and he received support from the management of the European Union, said, "Freedom." On the days of the respective draft resolutions supported by 27 accredited in Brussels official representatives of the European Union.
The other day in Berlin at a meeting of the parliamentary commissions on international affairs EU states German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that in order to build democracy in Belarus "has zeal to strengthen the activities of NGOs and various foundations with Belarusian public."
Head of the German Foreign Ministry also said that Minsk will be oriented delegation from Germany, which is presently EU presidency.
In an interview with "Freedom" member of the international affairs of the Bundestag, the representative of Germany to the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe and the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE Marieluise Beck said that "to initiate further sanctions — is an ordinary routine procedure and initiative likely will be approved. "
"After the interview, Lukashenko sovereign German" Die Welt "we all watch with great enthusiasm for the fact what’s happening in Belarus, the Belarusian leader leads their country to Sweden and Germany, as he promised, and these statements are only verbal temper. Sanctions may be terminated or weakened only when there are real corresponding steps from the Belarusian administration, "- said Marieluise Beck.
By European politicians, the official Minsk has not fulfilled most of the requirements of the European Union. Speech first is the release of all political prisoners, and people in the country access to independent media, respect the rights of non-governmental organizations and trade unions-independent, national minorities, the cessation of government interference in business, the holding of free and transparent elections.
High Representative Javier Solana, European Commissioner Helga Schmid is convinced: "Further rate of the Belarusian Union policy will depend on the configuration of the situation in Belarus itself. It is unrealistic to talk about the harsh dialogue and cooperation when basic values are not divided. "
Meanwhile Minsk believe that "visa sanctions against Belarusian officials do not make sense." "In our awareness of an ancient song about what is not, since no any sense, no political meaning such steps have not. And there is nothing new in our current relationship they do not add, "- said a spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Popov.
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