Schengen visa for Belarusians pay more than the Ukrainians and Russians

In late January, during his own recent visit to Minsk together with the Secretary General of the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Ronald Pofalla Marieluise Beck intently studied the ability of western development contacts Belarusian humans.
Upon returning home, Mrs. Beck in an interview in Berlin "Tagesspiegel" stated that Germany must reduce the size of the consular fees for Belarusians and keep the example of France, which provides free visas all Belarusian citizens under the age of 25 years.
In dealing with the "freedom" of the German MP said that intense lobbying this question in the midst of fellow deputies, but to put it on the agenda of a day or the 1st of parliamentary sessions, need the support of other factions. Ms. Beck is not yet ready to say when there will be a similar meeting.
Beck: "I can tell, that part of the leading Christian Democrats some progress. I would like to create appropriate and shifts from other factions. We must realize the seriousness of the difficulties, if the Schengen visa fee amounts to a third of the country’s average income of the Belarusian population. Naturally, we are not interested in contacts with the West have become inaccessible to the majority of Belarusians and so we such makarom just might please Lukashenko. "
By Marieluise Beck, the latest increase consular fees caused additional costs during the transition to the biometric system.
Beck: "I’m currently in the midst of Deputies strongly promoted bid that consular fees still were reduced for Belarusians. But, for all that I wish to direct your attention that management states that do not belong to the EU, such as Belarus, Russia, Ukraine had the opportunity to apply for a visa lowering prices for their own people. Unlike Belarus and its neighbors enjoyed a similar opportunity. For example, the same Ukrainian citizens pay for a Schengen visa 35 euro continues. Minsk this, but did not. "

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