«Sea Jet»-experimental vessel (AESD)

«Sea Jet» — Experimental vessel (AESD) bylo postroeno shipyard Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Washington.
Ship (AESD) was baptized August 24, 2005. The ceremony was accomplished at the Center for acoustic research in the Bayview. Chief of Naval research Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen spoke at the christening. Sponsor vessel Kathleen Harper, wife of Thurman Harper, vice president of engineering for the company’s Rolls-Royce, the tradition broke a bottle of champagne on fortshteven. Ships of named «Sea Jet».
Elaboration and follow-on research project funded by the Office of Naval research (ONR). Essentially, this is reduced (1:4) model class destroyers «Zumbalt» — Is 40 meters long and full load displacement of 120 tons. Design «Sea Jet» Designed by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Catamaran is tested sufficiently far from the sea, on Lake Pend Oreille. Lake Pend Oreille on its natural features perfectly fit for a hydrodynamic, electric and acoustic testing. The lake is quite deep (350 meters) and isolated. Acoustic tests carried out during the night, when the impact of external noise is small. During the cooler months, tests can begin only at the beginning of a day or. Also prefer the open lake okeana possible to avoid large currency costs.


Research Development Center conducts a surface weapons in the U.S. Navy and Treasury Division Carderock acoustic research (the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division, Acoustic Research Detachment) in Bayview, Idaho. At that moment on the «Sea Jet» diesel generator was 250 kW, feeding through a battery system consisting of 720 pieces 12V-elements (XE40 Genesis battery), allowing eventually give 650kW power two electric motors, which in turn resulted in the movement of Rolls-Royce AWJ-21 (power-300 kW each), embedded in the hull below the waterline. On «Sea Jet» a crew of up to 6 people. Ship achieves maximum speed of 8 knots on diesel and 16 knots on batteries.
Middle of the first technologies tested on the ship were Rolls-Royce AWJ-21 — dvizheteli developed Rolls Royce Naval Marine (RRNM), providing efficiency overvalued on the screws, lowering the acoustic signature, and improved maneuverability compared with the previous ships DDG 51 — class destroyers. Additional advantages of the introduction of technology, embodied in the AWJ-21, according to the views of designers, are to increase the ship’s speed, it allows you to make a sleeker body vessel, working without rudders, shafts and propeller struts. Unlike ordinary water cannons, the system operates at one hundred percent under water, reducing noise and trace on the surface to improve stealth. Lightweight and compact AWJ-21 allows courts to operate in shallow waters. Its complex management and control reversal system improves maneuverability at low speeds. Tests AWJ-21-dvizhetelya conducted on Bolshennom channel cavitation in Memphis, Tennessee, in the middle of 2005.
Employees of Philadelphia’s Code 90 engines designed electronic systems and their livelihoods. General Dynamics also brought it contributed to the design and development of electronic power drive. In the ARL at the Institute of Pennsylvania has provided test support in the initial stages of AWJ-21-dvizheteley. MIT helped with its design.
November 30, 2005 took place the first day of sea trials on Lake Pend Oreille. By mid-May 2006 it was reported that «Sea Jet» on Lake Pend Oreille already tested for 16 days in a row, passing through a three-foot waves, splitting them as a razor.

March 14, 2008 after the improvements associated with the installation Rimjet-mover, as the respective mechanical and electronic systems, «Sea Jet» returned to Lake Pend Oreille to continue hydrodynamic, electric and acoustic testing.
Other configurations contain duralumin cuttings removal and installation instead of chopping, made with the use of composite materials, in one degree or another absorbent electrical waves.
RIMJET-mover-a new type of propulsion system, developed by General Dynamics Electric Boat c elektricheskoy control system razrabotannoy Rolls Royce, it is part of the propeller motor.

Advantages in comparison with the AWJ-21 is the presence of high torque output, low impact on the body contour and the opportunity to nacelle turn. Propeller blades mounted RIMJET not hub and the rim, which provides several advantages: RIMJET operated at relatively low revolutions per minute. When working RIMJET cavitation phenomena are reduced significantly, and the rim Roll End Prevents formation of vortices. It is also expected to be more reliable and easier to maintain: eliminates the need for a cooling system, eliminating the need for bearing lubrication system and seals, no rack outside screw reduces cavitation erosion.
From eating while standing on akkumuyatorah «Sea Jet», had a maximum autonomy of 3:00, then took 14 hours to recharge time, which significantly slowed the experiments.
In May 2008, the Development Center of the U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Carderock in dept and acoustic research was provided by a report on the results of research related to the ability to install on «Sea Jet» parts such as the fuel source. The report showed that the integration of parts of the fuel aboard the «Sea Jet» is likely.
The report examined how different parts of the fuel options, and different methods of storing hydrogen on board the «Sea Jet».
As options for fuel cells were presented:
In December 2010, the Institute of Idaho-University of Idaho College of Engineering Moscow, ID 83844 (there is such a city in the U.S.) presented NAVSEA, Division of acoustic research.
The report of the fuel cells is not been reviewed as a power supply system came out of a very massive and expensive for the upcoming implementation.
As candidates considered the introduction of lithium-ion batteries, ensuring their progress in store up to 10 hours ….
In October 2008 at the Bath Iron Works shipyard accomplished tab USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000).
In many of the destroyer entered developments acquired during the operation «Sea Jet».

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