Serbiya not responsible for the killings in Bosnia

For the first time in UN history, one of the countries — Bosnia — another accused — Serbia and Montenegro — in the genocide. While there was a trial, Montenegro held a referendum on independence, and as successor to the joint Serbiya country remained the only defendants this case.
Maybe Bosnia may declare its moral victory that, according to internationally Court murder in 1995 in Srebrenica eight thousand Muslim men and boys was an act of genocide. But in general, on the main issue of the process by 13 votes to 2 International Tribunal ruled that Serbiya the government is not responsible for this genocide.
In his lawsuit Bosnia argued that official Belgrade, headed by then-President Slobodan Milosevic armed, financed and encouraged the Bosnian Serb ethnic purification holds against Muslims and Croats.
Referee Razalin Higgins, reading out the court’s decision, noted that the municipal authorities of Serbia is not responsible for the actions of armed groups in the Serbian areas of Bosnia. The Tribunal ruled that Serbiya had absolutely no intention of killing or partly Muslim population of Bosnia. Tribunal yet noted that should Serbiya was done more to prevent the genocide in Srebrenica, also to punish the guilty in this.
Now, immediately after the publication of the court decision, Serbian President Boris Tadic called on the Serbian parliament to condemn the atrocities against Muslims in Srebrenica. To This time failure to give Belgrade suspected war criminals in Serbia do not allow more closely ties with the European Union.

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