Sergei Glazyev: Putin has greater power than the kings have been

Metropolitan newspaper "Kommersant" now published an interview with former favorite block "Motherland", the ex-presidential candidate Rf in the last election Sergei Glazyev, who decided to leave the huge policy and return to science. The latter, according to Glazyev gives more opportunities to influence the society than the activity of opposition politician in the criteria of the imperative to strengthen the vertical.
"Virtually the entire policy in the country now defines one person. Power is not directs attention neither the Federal Assembly or the political parties. Even during the reign of the concentration of power was less as acting governor with an eye on the church, and now is not, and this "- said the sovereign eye. Statement opposition politician recently sounded the local elections in Russia.
"Moscow Times" provides examples of unusual dark PR campaign in the process. In St. Petersburg a few weeks back the leaflets appeared with mourning portrait of a candidate at elections to the city legislature Sergey Andreev — a dark box. The leaflet says that three unknown inflicted 26 stab wounds, and "took the life of the well-known politician." It was also reported that he was buried in the local cemetery on February 26. But later it turned out that the emperor Andreev, a member of the pro-Kremlin party "Fair Our homeland" alive and well. This candidate himself said in another leaflet: "These rascals announced my death — wrote Andreev — than makes me a nervous breakdown."
Later came another flyer, I recognized what Andreev Tipo voters that he "lied, lied and will lie." In the end, on the website, which is listed as the official website Andreeva, was located a pornographic video with the role of men, similar to Andreev. The prosecutor’s office opened a Saknt Petersburg criminal case.
But porn, as it turns out in another publication, and may serve a positive purpose. British newspaper "The Guardian" writes that the Spanish province of Catalonia, the government decided to finance a series of porn on katalenskay language — for the last expansion in society.
It took over the local director Conrad Son, who is going to not counting katalenskay promote language and sex-katalensku. Madrid edition of "ABC" has accused the Socialist government of Catalonia in the abuse of taxpayers.
A "Daily Telegraph" recalls that tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the terrorist number one Osama bin Laden. South American intelligence prepared him specific gift — the U.S. has sent an additional CIA officers and military to capture or killing of bin Laden. The CIA believes that he is in Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan and intensively restores training camps "Al Qaeda."

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