Sergei Skrabets makes youth movement

A pioneer in the creation of a new youth movement was Sergei Skrabets, and is headed by Sergey Halahaniuk. The purpose of his organization sovereign Halahaniuk explains as follows:
Halahaniuk: "We wish to make the candidacy of Republican Youth Union. Naturally, it can be called a political youth movement and he will naturally be democratic."
A new youth movement named Constantine Kalinowski. According to this figure hard and activities of the movement in including outside Belarus, says co-founder of the movement, Alexander Skrabets:
Skrabets: "We wish people were pickets at the embassies in Moscow, Kiev, Prague, Warsaw and so on. To Belarus braked monarchical despotism. "
On behalf of the founders of the movement Constantine Kalinowski, the number of members in the different towns of Belarus at the moment is generalized. Most of these young people have already been attached to parties and movements and participated in political actions. Why there was a need in the modern structure and how it will be indistinguishable from existing explains Sergey Halahaniuk.
Halahaniuk: "Today, all organizations hold any own thoughts. We would want to join in the negotiations through our movement all youth associations. After Swan, cancer and pike already tired build. And the future for young people. "
According Halahaniuk after the first action in support of political prisoners held congress and registration of new Kalinouski. How should now have a new youth movement says political analyst Vladimir Mackiewicz.
Mackiewicz: "Now we are in Belarus such a phenomenon that the organization does not make those functions for which it created. Seemingly, it asks for the creation of new organizations. But if there is no idea — what and how they differ from the old, we will continue to will produce the same, no matter what organization are not able to, and now criticize. Another thing, that you need to try and cancel if there debut idea, we can strive to make something that is radically different from what we have now. "

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