Sergei Vitushko: I do not believe I know

When I hear a very sublime exclamations: "I believe! I believe! I believe!" That in spite hunt me answer this way: "I thank God, an unbeliever."
When I begin to blame: "And you, nedavyarak incorrectly zhagnaeshsya. Necessary right — left", and the second says, "No, you left — right." So I tell them, but what do I care if my hand was cut off.
So all these external manifestations of faith …
I found …
Wanted to believe …
But sure it’s all nonsense human and not on their particular sharpen focus. And generally pondered the phenomenon of faith.
Unfortunately, very often people give their dreams for their faith. One reads … so impressively reads: "I believe in the bright future of Belarus!" I think that the inhabitants of the old Athens also believed in a bright future raschudesnye own town. I think that the inhabitants of the Principality Lofty also believed in the bright future of their own majestically Principality. But where those Athens? Where is majestically principality?
I thank God, the mind (brain) and … I do not believe, I know. I know who works, he has. And the more work is the larger. And if you work, maybe then it will be the future in Belarus. And he try much miss my puny forces try to do, so that future shone.
Faith I think, characteristic only for children. Child believes that his mother is the most beautiful. That his dad knows everything and can do everything. Andthat people matures and becomes mind. And this should be proud. And you need to use this.
I know that my people have a lot of smart and good people. I know that my people have a lot of evil and silly people. And I know that if the first — smart and great — will try and will work, they will manage this state. They write the laws by which to live the whole of society. So let’s get to know more, to be aware. And faith will leave our small children.
Sergei Vitushko historian, journalist and public figure. He graduated from the Belarusian State University. Worked in Minsk branch of the Museum M.Bogdanovich "Belarusian hut". In 1985-89 years ran an informal youth club "Cleanup". Since 1991 lives in Vilnius.

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