«Severodvinsk»: a failed breakout

Disruption applets construction of a new nuclear submarine will lead to a significant delay in the entire shipbuilding applets

Alexei Ramm

According to the views of the customer — the Navy of, new nuclear submarine of project 885 is not responsible sonar data features, which significantly reduces its combat abilities.

Held in February this year in Scientific Production Association engineering scientific readings dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the majestic Russian designer Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey visited not only rocket scientists, and shipbuilders. Earlier in the Metropolitan Municipal Technical Institute, Bauman was a memorial plaque dedicated to the famous rocket scientists. Then the representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Roscosmos, different design offices, manufacturing plants and other structures were in located in the suburban Reutovo Research and Production Association.

With words of thanks made by NGOs in marine engineering missile systems made by the representatives of the Russian Navy and naval engineer. During Chelomeevskih readings became clear that NGOs developed missile system 3K55 «Onyx» at the end of last year has been successfully tested on a new nuclear submarine «Severodvinsk». Although it is still first 2013th question on the application from the board 3K55 lead submarine Project 885 was very serious.

«Severodvinsk»: a failed breakout

According to some reports, voiced in the media disk imaging, if successful launches developed NGO «Innovator» missile system «Movement» have passed in late 2011, the «Onyx» shot exclusively in the late summer of last year. But according to the Russian Navy officer familiar with the situation, «Onyx» is not the only problem «Severodvinsk».

«In naval circles» Severodvinsk «was an unfortunate nickname rhymes with the title of this town, because of the constant attempts of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC) at any cost to shove the boat fleet. Although at the end of last year we took a clear position — the ship to surrender is not ready, you need to refine, «- told the» Military-Industrial Courier «interlocutor.

According to the officer, if the problem with the «Onyx» at the moment is generally solved, then sonar features and operation of nuclear power plant until the move. There are difficulties with the torpedo tubes.

«Last year, USC unofficially gave realize that the Navy is not ready to accept the» Severodvinsk «in its own composition. We do not under it infrastructure gutted home base, even dock not ready. Although the Navy does not seek to drown the project at any cost, and reaches only features incorporated in the project. We and submarine designers are aware that in its design, there are technical solutions, not bringing that up to the usual «battle» at the moment, we will put a program from the rest of the danger of building submarines. But I have the perception that management USC need only one — to get the boat can be faster as the Navy, and later have to understand what to do «- complained naval officer.

Despite the fact that the media (not only the industry, and federal) quite often passes information about the works on «Severodvinsk», all she wears temper attendants news taken from the press releases of the United Shipbuilding Company. «Out to sea», «passed so many nautical miles», «Successfully shot out» — all that you can read about the new submarine. Against these victorious reports nasty surprise was the failure of the main command of the Navy at the end of last year, right «under the Christmas tree,» from taking the ship in the fleet, so called confining experimental operation, when the crew starts practicing combat training course objectives and breeders eliminate deficiencies detected. Also conduct joint tests previously identified problematic components and assemblies.

«Although not only Russian, and foreign media they say about» Severodvinsk «as ready for combat submarine, is not nearly so» — said in an interview with «Military-Industrial Courier» a senior source in the Navy.

So what did in fact occur with a new nuclear submarine, and how soon it will be transferred to the Navy? Try to understand the situation.

From «Ash» to «Boreas-A»

«Now,» Severodvinsk «laid three technical solutions that will draft a 955A» Borey-A «, although boats Project 885 developed» malachite «and 955 — CKB» Rubin «. Work on the head «Boreas» — «Saint Nicholas» began in 2009, «- informed» VBC «shipbuilder familiar with the situation.

Question about the new sonar system (SJC) «Amphora-Irtysh», so called torpedo tubes (SLT) and integrated monobloc nuclear power plant (NPP), combining in one unit reactor and steam supply system. All this is to «Severodvinsk», and acquired results will be applied in the design of a series of 955A.

«The first three» Boreas «was a compromise solution. They were created from the backlog of unfinished submarines of Project 971. But with the fourth draft of the hull will be 955A such as originally planned, «- explained the source.

But work on the new «Boreas» thwarted in almost everything because of problems with the delivery of «Severodvinsk».

«Because the main antenna SJC» Amphora-Irtysh «big enough torpedo from the bow you need to remove the center portion of the case and to make them so referred to as the board. Thus did the first Americans in the design of multi-class nuclear submarines, «Los Angeles.» At the moment the decision was standard and is used not only to «Los Angeles», and to «C Woolf», «Virginia», as the English ‘Astityutah «- said the» Military-Industrial Courier «military historian Maxim Tokarev.

According to him, the Russian boats until such time nedavneshnego torpedo was not: «Even in more advanced submarines of 971 project in the nose once were and TA, and hydroacoustic antenna Ember» Skat-3 «. First Russian submarine with «onboard» torpedo tubes became «Severodvinsk».

It was planned that after working on the «Severodvinsk» torpedo had to go and «Northwind», but at the start of work «on-board» TA remained exclusively in the drawings, the SJC «Amphora-Irtysh» defected already on the boat project «Borey-A» . Although, according to official figures, «Yury Dolgoruky», «Alexander Nevsky» and «Vladimir Monomakh» specifically set itself sonar system, it causes a reasonable doubt taking into account the size of the main antenna and the presence of the SJC in the bow torpedo submarines. According to some sources, at designated submarines still installed modified sonar «Skat-3» from Project 971 submarines, combined with electrical systems and digital libraries «Amphora-Irtysh».

Until nedavneshnego time «onboard» to torpedo «Severodvinsk» were headache not only shipbuilders, and sailors. Normally create launches failed, constantly appeared breakdowns.

«To test the TA came only in the middle of last year. However, at the moment they are working like clockwork. But how much it cost nerves crew factory and designers «- complained the officer of the Navy.

If torpedo tubes situation improved, then close coupled nuclear power plant, designed and manufactured by Rosatom enterprises, continues to deliver mass wraith its creators and crew of the submarine.

«Monoblock scheme saves space and significantly lowers the noise level from the working components and assemblies. Compared with power plants Project 971 boats in it a couple of times lower, «- see» VBC «naval engineer familiar with the situation. However, he refused to explain the principle of the act and the technical features of Russian monobloc NPS, although he admitted that while many problems.

According to the «military-industrial complex», the reactor does not always gives the required power, there prepyadstviya and noise.

«The reactor did Rosatom, although a» malachite «there are some issues to deploy NPS in the hull. Some spice it seems optimal. These embedded energy installation will also get a boat project «Borey-A» — said an officer of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

If prepyadstviya with torpedo tubes and SJC «Amphora-Irtysh» «malachite» and managed to solve the Sevmash, the NPS remains the Achilles heel of the whole project.

Creaking trees «roaring cow»

Another setback «Severodvinsk» was the line of trees, more precisely, its bearings.

«Steam produced by the reactor is supplied to a steam turbine installation and twists more connected among themselves shafts. Because of problems with bearings and friction appears the boat can not build up speed, that line is not broke, «- explained the» MIC «naval engineer.

This problem haunts the boat since the start sea trials in September 2011. During the two years of tests «Malachite» a couple of times to make significant configuration design strip trees, with all this and substitute the line itself with the production of the boat to the dock. Last time it happened already in the municipal trial in May last year.

«Began on May 27 tests were supposed to last until mid-August. July 19 due to technical problems the boat returned to the plant in Severodvinsk. However, on July 30, she again went into the sea, «- says the naval engineer.

The plant was called Vacation team of workers, which in an emergency mode eliminates difficulties in strip trees.

«Managed rapidly. The funny thing is that even the local newspaper wrote about the repair, «- recalled the source publication.

Despite the efficiency of work, «Severodvinsk» tests came back with more than 200 comments.

The combination of the band gaps of shafts and above-threshold noise when working on certain modes NPS led to a major dilemma submarines — the inconsistency of its sonar features that were laid down in the terms of reference of the Navy.

«Now, we have provided stable operation of all the boats, because acoustic noise level does not exceed the set. But in some modes appear so called spikes when noise exceeds the limit at times, although short-term, «- said the engineer. According to him, the boat must pass advanced sonar tests for previously scheduled for March-April today, when the Gulf Motovka improve ice conditions. At the moment, the boat is at the «Sevmash». Calculated as shipbuilders, by this time the problem is resolved bursts.

«Because of these problems from time to time, we jokingly called the boat» roaring cow «. Although up to the real «Roaring cows» — Project 675 boats of old she, of course, far away. But for such an advanced submarine pleasant enough «- said an officer of the Navy. He added that the Navy convinced lately tasks submarines and the entire project will be solved. But military confuses position control of the United Shipbuilding Company.

«Their task to push the boat fleet at any cost, regardless of neuvvyazkami and had difficulties. We also do not need a unready ship. Everything happens first in the series is always problematic. But you can not pass a boat prepared for combat «- outraged source of the newspaper.

With navigators is hard to disagree, because negotiations with the Russian Navy USC walked right up to December 30 last year, although in the end of November right military indicated their position. According to the «military-industrial complex» to sign an act of acceptance of nuclear submarines in the ship’s structure had Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov and head of the USC Vladimir Shmakov.

And mistakenly claim that the Western Face, where should come after the adoption of its own fleet «Severodvinsk», nothing is ready for its reception. Back in the fall of last year, «Spetsstroy» reconstructed pier, built additional facilities, primarily doing work.

It remains to impose that planned for the coming months sonar tests will be successful and «Severodvinsk» will be part of the Russian Navy, and gained technical experience, as planned, will be extensively used in the construction of new strategic missile submarines of the project «Borey-A.» It is also necessary to note that at the moment overlooked the shipbuilding lost after the collapse of the USSR position. Most importantly, the situation with the «Severodvinsk» will not happen again.

Alexei Ramm

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