Soligorsk reach a local referendum

Soligorsk authorities announced their intention to eliminate the market "Starovokzalnaya." According to the chairman of the district council of deputies Soligorsky Klishevich Lydia, he spoils the view of the city center.

L.Klishevich: "We market through gryazyuka often impossible to pass. This market — one of the negatives."

"Hunt to people were comfortable, so it was comfortable — said in an interview with "Freedom" Lydia Klishevich. — We market through gryazyuka often impossible to pass. I have often read and businessmen, and the administration of the market failure to fire regulations, because there is no distance between containers tribute. My world, that this market — one of the negatives that we have now in the accomplishment. "
Businessmen, traders in the "Starovokzalnaya" and soligortsev who get there products, different world. They stand for the preservation of the market. Their position was further strengthened after, became known as another reason liquidation plans market. In its place, the authorities intend to build an ice palace. Estimated price buildings — 15 billion rubles. I had the idea of dissent referendum.
"We have submitted documents for registration Soligorskiy executive committee activities of the group for the referendum — said the businessman Alexander Tsatsura. — We decided to hold a referendum to study the relationship of the population: whether they agree with the elimination of the market" Starovokzalnaya "and building in its place the ice palace."

A.Tsetsura: "We have filed documents in Soligorskiy executive committee on the registration of a group to hold a referendum."

In active group — 58 people. Among their favorite local branch of the party "Hope" Larissa Nosonovich.
"Two-thirds of people in the active group — ladies. Half of them — representatives of the party "Hope." First as they are in the main work in the market — entrepreneurs. In-2, according to my observations, ladies presently more activities, more courageous, "- said Larisa Nosonovich.
Decision on registration activities of the group should be Soligorskaya authorities issued within the coming months. According to Alexander Tsatsura, local activists conducted a preliminary survey of the inhabitants. From the survey, it follows that in the case of most of the referendum resolution soligortsev support its initiators.

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