St. Petersburg … with riot police do not mess …

Current news, writes "The Wall Street Journal", this connection the FBI to investigate the assassination attempt on the former employee senatskaga Committee on Intelligence Paul Gioia.
February 25 broadcast of NBC Zhoyal said that Litvinenko’s murder — is a signal to all those who openly oppose the Kremlin. Last Thursday, Paul drove to his own home town Adelfi (Maryland) out of the car and immediately sounded a few shots. 53-year-old was seriously injured Zhoyal in the tummy and, according to doctors, his condition critical.
A friend of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko Gold inks told the newspaper that Paul Zhoyal was perfectly familiar with Litvinenko and soon called intensively held in the U.S. Congress slhanni his murder case.
"The Wall Street Journal" draws attention of readers that as the revival of Russia’s presidential campaign criticism may be one of the trump cards of enemies of George Bush.
English "Financial Times" outlook leads former head of Russian counterintelligence Oleg Kalugin, which is currently lives in the United States. He met with Paul Zhoyalam just a few hours before the attack. Views on Kalugin, not many chances to attack was linked to the Litvinenko case. Kalugin said that the attack — the handiwork of local bandits. Fortunately, witnesses beheld as Zhoyal quarreled with 2 African-Americans who fled after the shooting.
Together with the fact and "Financial Times" leads worldview member Alexander Litvinenko Gold paint, which argues that even in times of Russian KGB hired local thugs to remove undesirable persons.
"The Wall Street Journal" writes that Saturday protest in the northern capital of Russia took place shortly before the scheduled elections this month in the city legislature. By this election was not allowed one of 2-huge liberal parties of — "Apple". According to representatives of the party, the refusal to participate in elections was manufactured citing baseless technical prerequisites.
German newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau" in the article "Hunting season in St. Petersburg" draws attention of readers that tough police actions were aimed not only against the ordinary people, and against the deputies. Legislative Assembly of the "Yabloko" Sergei Gulyaev was beaten to loss of consciousness and the last thing he heard were the words of the officer, who asked now clear that with the riot police do not mess.
The newspaper writes that "Apple" was the only party whose representatives voted against the purpose of Valentina Matvienko as Governor. And now they are bitterly opposed to the construction near the historic center of the modern headquarters of Gazprom height of 400 meters and offer to perform in this case referendum.

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