Statkevich visited salting U.S.

It Statkevich U.S. Ambassador Karen Stewart lasted about 2-hours. Immediately after the visit Statkevich said "Freedom":
"Mrs. salting said that the problem of Belarusian political prisoners is and will remain the focus of the U.S. government. She said that America wanted to normalize relations with Belarus, but only in the case of democratization our country. As she put it, at first — the case, and later — the normalization of relations. Belarusian regime should deeds prove that he is ready to move toward democracy. And here, perhaps, the most basic and fundamental problem, as it reads — is the problem political prisoners . "
Statkevich asked the ambassador to the United States to pay more attention to those political prisoners, imprisoned:
"I see the Ambassador’s visit not as support for me personally, as a symbol of the fact that the U.S. pays attention to the dilemma of political prisoners and support them. In addition, I asked her to focus more particularly to those political prisoners, which are places imprisonment, as a young political prisoner who is even harder to serve their sentences than the same and well-known politician. "
Earlier, on March 7, a political prisoner visited singer Dmitry Bartosik. Statkevich believes such meetings strong moral support:
"He came with his guitar and sing songs suggested. I certainly do not wish to receive this gift one even more so the other day, a day or a lady, and invited all the ladies living or working in this hostel. The concert was held in a large room internatskim. His songs were very warmly received. Think after his visit of Belarusian song lovers in this village will be more. "
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