Students Engineering Institute issued a patriotic starts with us in the unit — a soldier of the revolution!

In 1927, "Farmer’s Field" reports: "The Executive Committee of the Communist Party in Minsk at the last meeting between the own other cases discuss how to zareagavannya aryshtavanne Belarusian ambassadors. The Committee made such a sentence: appeal to the government Russian republics prapazytsyyay offer traded arrested after Poland, 2) uzmagchy repression of Poles 3) increment communist propaganda throughout the countryside of Western Belarus … "
Under the heading "All-Union Komsomol meeting" "reddish change" in 1977 reported: "Smorgon. Harsh, fundamentally conversation led on his own farm Komsomol meeting" Reddish guerrillas. "Agriculturist farm took the initiative to" Improve and optimal use of land — Komsomol care! " decided to work on cleaning fields 2 Saturday. Mogilev. Students Engineering Institute issued a patriotic begins "With us in the unit — a soldier of the revolution!" During labor semester this year in any of the 20 student teams will build enlisted revolutionary. Earned his money will be deducted in the Fund for Peace. "
On This week in 1997 "We and time" and signed by the Secretary of the Central PBC Viktor Chikin printed letter Kim Jong Irina: "The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus, National Council of the Movement" For democracy, social progress and justice "and Constant Presidium of the Belarusian Republican Society of Friends of Korea People’s Democratic Republic Kim Il Sung to send you — the head of the Korean people and a significant figure of the international communist movement and antyimperyyalistychnaga heartfelt congratulations to the whole people prazdnichkom — funny day of your 55th anniversary. "

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