Supratsyadde from the Panorama — your freedom. A supratsyadde against your Freedom — our Panorama.

Man: "Pochetaemaya radio" Freedom, "For my appeal to you is the following. Help removed from the bullpen Alexander Kozulin. Future president of Belarus — Alexander Kozulin. Ethe man sacrificed their health in the name of justice. And the Lord God will send him the strength to become the head of the country. Give free Kozulin! Milinkevich good man. But no such Kozulin in current time in Belarus. And the President knows it, because he gave him for a period of 5.5 years after the subsequent election of its own. "
Man: "Supratsyadde from" Panorama "- your" Freedom ". A supratsyadde against your "Freedom" — our "Panorama".
Man: "As loyal opposition to the dictatorial regime, liberation from despotism in the coming 10-15 years is unrealistic."
Valentine Stefanavna: "Good morning, Radio Liberty Very wish that you congratulated days of Christmas Puzyna Vladimir Jakovljevic. Now he turns ’67. To You thanked him for the work he has done for Belarus and wished him good health."
Anastas Semenovich: "Good morning, dear Radio Liberty. Comrades Lukashenko and your government, you require at RF 1.5 billion dollars. Question: who is going to return back the Russian Federation, then you decide, that our children and grandchildren of them later returned. I like old pensioner categorically opposed to my children and grandchildren they were returned. At their expense, I do not want to live and I do not advise you to it mattersbe. Naturally, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I’m sure you have already provided a decent life. And we could not do that. The funds that were on the "book" I think it is already gone, in other words the government stole them, though you promised to return them to us. Pay their property, for sure, will be before the time, until all the property will sell. For this I suggest you send the government to resign, his skomplektovat professionals from Democrats and hold a new election of the president. Here’s my advice for you. Revolving no way. Thank you for your attention. "
Pavel, Minsk: "Pochetaemye Radio Liberty! About the building of the temple in Kobrin after Suvorov. While in Belarus nyaboskaya power of friendship with capital Patriarchate Filaret, all our efforts to ban construction of this church seems to be in vain. Remains believe that in the near future in a free Belarus after occupiers executioners temples and museums will not. "
Nicholas Volozhinschine: "Do not fit in my head, so in honor killers Belarusians Suvorov church to build temples. Indescribably that the church justify atrocities against the Belarusian people. Priests opamyatuytes! Remember the commandment: Thou shalt not kill!"
Man: "It’s fascinating recollection of activities Milinkevich. All opposition for rotation, Milinkevich — against. All opposition in Congress in order to meet and open a discussion, Milinkevich — against. For the opposition to extend assistance to Belarus in the world, went to the States, Milinkevich — against. Brand itself, "Baba Yaga — against." But seriously, it’s very reminiscent French ideal of policy: "The government — that’s me," "After me the deluge." If not, I do not even headed Belarus, and at the moment still opposition. This was perfectly understandable, but this defeat. "
"Chino edition. We had a fight with his wife here for a mortgage. I affirm that in the PR-campaign for promotion of your revision with Milinkevichmakes all. Even if an earthquake happen in some places, you will read on, that "this Milinkevich did not go there.’s how smart he is!" Would not return it to the States, and if there Liabedzka goes where the restaurant, you will say that "Liabedzka went to a restaurant and Milinkevich did not go there, so as not to poison." When Ira Kozulin met with the president, you say that "this Milinkevich did not go there. He believes it is not right." Maybe I win. A wife claims that, maybe you do not to this apustsitsesya. But I see that after all this goes. Every day, "Milinkevich Milinkevich Milinkevich …" Listen, there is someone else in Belarus. Thank you. Let’s see who wins. "
Larissa, Minsk: "Very curious to hear that in Russia it is propaganda. So that the role of the president was elected Alexander G.. This suggests that in Russia is not happy with Putin. If indeed there will be elected Lukashenko, for us it is good character. How will this happen, is not very clear. But soon see. Our life anything can happen. "
Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Europeans have the right to consider themselves educated, generous Belarusians, believers church religion. Instead Orthodox atheists who are planning to build a temple in Suvorov Kobrin. Thank you."
Man: "I’m calling about the subsequent difficulties. On the left side of the cemetery is the Metropolitan garage cooperative "Horizon". The address: Kalinowski, 100 Thirteenth This cooperative 30 years. Owners were alone seniors and veterans. Here near an Orthodox church built. While there was no construction cooperative friends did not touch. That autumn already seems building of the temple, and the appearance of the fence and the roof of the garage began to annoy the local administration Pershamajski district and probably already clergy. And we are talking about how to build a fence at least four-meter, so as not to be seen garages. If it interferes with ministers of religion or the district administration would take and built. But no, they want to build this fence by the members. Even in our porch at our house, so that tenants pay for content doorphone went from door to door to collect signatures. And there gathered in the Sunday, February 25 Tipo meeting without that each member of the cooperative signed a document that agree — disagree hand felt as if all agree to participate in this construction. But it obiralovka of the elderly, the main owners of garages. And now, when speaking at a meeting of the chairman of the cooperative, they talked about the fact that the district administration is involved on an equal criteria. 50% of co-op members and 50% of the intake of administration. But it comes out of the members of the cooperative, with 500 redundant garages will be built over 50 thousand dollars. So here would have wanted you to intervene. Well, the young businessmen obkladyvayut everyones taxes. But where is from of old to take? Old came to the meeting. Well, keep the garage out of habit. Maybe there’s some kind of "Lada" or "Moskvich" old. I think you need to intervene. After the meeting were not presented solutions or district or city administration. Belatedly came Designer District and threatened that "if you do not go for it, you can not part with their garages," in other words, the administration will take them. I’m curious about the demolition in the district administration tools exist, and build on own account no. The district administration would be chipped with ministers of religion and its fence would if these garages something insulting eye parishioners even more so those out there who still do not like. Just please send to this account. "
Man: "Soviet power in Kobrin ruined financially because in other towns. Subsidies will no longer need to take money somewhere. And so handy Suvorov. And suddenly, and can accumulates from Russia, which will nibudt, at least at this temple. And later some tourists naedut. Near Minsk update church funds graphs Czapski, who still live in America, their descendants. Here is clutching at straws. And the whole reason Russian schizophrenia. And Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, Generalissimo of all Russian troops, our Russian Kobrin, more Russian than themselves Russian, so, between you and me, want to spit. W
ould not Suvorov, Hitler would not have been Hitler, Stalin would. Would provide funds or at least pretended to be paying. "
Man: "As for the question whether we can consider themselves Europeans. To get answers to this question worth a visit to the toilet at least some company or institution where in the corner, and in the best case in the mountains urns used scraps of newspapers or magazines. Spring is coming, and an integral part of urban landscapes will heap bio dog waste in the snow. Well, summer abplyavanyya walkways and benches. Maybe there is in Germany or Belgium? "
Victor Butoh, Minsk: "Only superficial conversation. But I doubt very much that it will miss the air. On deadlock position occupied by journalists and students of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty, and the authorities in Minsk and Belarus. Go Live journalists as power passed transmission where there are secondary data, biased, indirect or other similar that civilization only razyadnovvayuts. This also applies to those that represent the opposition. If something does not seem bad, it jammed. Journalists, students, the opposition, the authorities do not want to hear that represents the people and he has to live and survive with 91-year indeed. Not surprisingly, Belarus going nowhere. And the path deliberately chosen such power in 1991. Initially started to hurt more than the weak and defenseless, and then all the others. Incarnation began genuine genocide liquidators of the Chernobyl Article 14 Paragraph 2 of the Law of the USSR "On social protection of people affected by the disaster," May 12, 1991. Now get Pinsk and even beating any of the "untouchables" and people in general would. Thank you. "
Anatoly Zherdev. Gomel: "Hello, Radio Freedom, I’ve listened to, they are going to restore the temple and holds Polotsk there central heating. Rightly outraged spetsy bad proposal, as there is an example that I wish to lead. Town of Kanev in Ukraine, too, has a similar church 12 century, and there was held heating. And as a result of leakage from these pipes deteriorated soil there, and the church cracked. Here is one example of what can cause this heating. And then, what they say restorers, too, need to be aware of. Because you must resent all those who cherish these values our historical. Since it is very harmful thing is against this historical object. Thank you for your attention. "
Lady: "On the ground in only one place, you groom, and I am a wife. That coupled recall Only Minsk only unravel.
Against this background, the song text skew Belarusian audience is invited to film-masterpiece "Major Winds." Did you go? That’s it, will go again "habzaytsy" and freshmen. And who is a movie you want? "
Man: "To honor the victims of Stalinist repression is now necessary at the youth and intellectuals of our society to collect materials about these people, their photos and letters. But first, it is necessary to ban the Communist Party, the Communist organization, the word "communism". Equate it to "fascism," and it’s all done at the legislative level. Since the most important thing that we have killed communists — they killed this man as a person. And to revive it, we need more than one generation. Thank you for your attention. "

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