Swimming for pregnant women

Swimming for pregnant women.  Photo from www.comadresinstitute.com

Gone are the days when pregnancy was considered a serious illness and had to carry her, only lying in bed. Now doctors and obstetricians insist on an old truth: the movement — that's life.

Found that lack of exercise can lead to the threat of miscarriage, the strong toxicosis and the weakness of labor. So, let's move! And this is best done in the water. Today, therefore, even the doctors of the old school is not only allowed, but actively recommend that pregnant exercises in the pool.

Why do they need, and that, in fact, make a pregnant woman in the pool?

Three whales in the pool

All classes in the pool for pregnant women can be divided into three main groups — swimming, diving and water aerobics — the three main pillars on which stands the health and good mood mother and unborn baby.


In the water, as is known, all the items easier. And this is most clearly can feel the expectant mother, already slightly tired of the very significant weight gain. In the water, she is again able to feel as light as a feather. Water relaxes and helps to handle the many worries and stress. Try to lie down on the water in the starfish pose, relax and think aboutsomething pleasant. Feel the water gently supports you — and remember this feeling! It comes in handy during labor, when you want to relax between contractions.

Swimming will offload the spine and the entire locomotor the unit as a whole, gives a good physical activity, increases stamina, strengthens the muscles of the chest. By the way, experienced obstetricians know that moms, actively swimming during pregnancy, is much less likely to have problems with lactation. Perhaps it is because oftime swimming improves blood supply to the pectoral muscles.

In the water, all the movements are soft and smooth, and the body is gradually preparing a peculiar dance of sorts.


As it turned out, diving for pregnant women is also very useful exercise — and from a physical and psychological point of view. Fully immersed in the water, you will feel better condition your baby — imagine that he is always in the soft embrace of the water.

Now try to get more air and hold your breath, lowering his face in the water. Even better is to dive in the "float" — bent and hugging her knees. This position is closest to the child's position in the womb. Try to stay in this position as long as possible (this can be considered either to himself or note the time on the stopwatch, which in most cases is in the pool).

During diving mother coached breath holding, which will be useful later during any attempts. A baby at this time gradually gets used to the lack of oxygen — because oxygen during labor and food stop coming into his body through the umbilical cord. This is a good prevention of fetal hypoxia. In addition, children who have received before the birth of such an experience, quickly moving through the birth canal to the exit, better adapted to the outside world after the birth.

Keep in mind — the maximum duration of contractions — between one minute and a half. Well, if you learn to hold their breath under water up to one and a half minutes. In this case, your child gradually gets used to the time delay of oxygen, and to be born will be much easier.

Water aerobics

Before you now is not a task to significantly improve the overall shape or physical form. During pregnancy, it is only important to maintain it. Therefore, extreme stress is not for you. In the water, you can just walk and run, raising his knees to perform Mahi hands and feet.

And another very important point — exercise in water must include stretching. Warm water makes the ligaments more flexible, which will help you during labor and delivery, and the postpartum period (you probably want to quickly restore its finely chiselled figure?).

It is especially important to "work" the internal muscles of the hips. For example, try this exercise. Come to the pool wall and grab hold of the handrail. Holding hands, lift your legs, spread them on the maximum width, resting your feet on the wall. Do not rush to give the tissues get used to the stretch. Now we have a little wider, as if you're trying to sit "on the string." This exercise strengthens and stretches the great bunch.

Do all appropriate pool?

Classes in the pool (as we have agreed, without extremism and experiments on himself) are suitable for almost all pregnant women. Andyet need to discuss with your doctor your desire to join the pool during pregnancy.

Contraindications for the pool and swim quite a bit. They are:

  • very strong toxicosis (which is accompanied by uncontrollable vomiting);
  • recurrent abortions;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • systematic cramping after school;
  • pre-eclampsia;
  • eclampsia;
  • tuberculosis in the acute stage;
  • systemic blood diseases;
  • chronic appendicitis;
  • in the acute stage of the disease;
  • infectious disease.

How to choose a pool for pregnant women

At first got pregnant pool is better not to go. Now almost all the major schools of preparation for childbirth classes are offered in the water. We recommend to choose "specialized" version — in the company of puzatikov deal and more fun and more useful.

Pool preferably with running water or sea water. On courses or in the pool you will require a doctor's note — treat this with understanding.

When choosing an instructor, pay attention to how he conducts classes. If the instructor gives a general command, almost without looking like they are running — this is not the best option. A good instructor will try to pick up an individual program for each expectant mother and always will see how well you will do this or that exercise.

What to bring to the pool:

  • a doctor;
  • swimsuit (by the way, a special swimsuit for pregnant women do not have to buy — you can use any swimsuit large size);
  • crocs — always with grooved soles and low heels — not to slip on the smooth tile;
  • towel;
  • shower gel;
  • rubber cap;
  • hair dryer;
  • bag for wet clothes;
  • light snack in the form of an apple or crackers, bottled water — noticed that after the pool is developing appetite, and a safe and healthy food is not always easy to find.

Have a nice swim and light delivery!

Inessa Smyk

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