Tatiana Markovets: I believe in the light

"I believe the power of light into a viable, making clear day, through the vernal sun awakens from sleep the whole earth; raskvechvae meadows and districts, sending its energy stsvyarzhalnuyu; gives strength to all creatures; heat warms all living things; forces grow and move whole world.
I believe in the light that glimmers in homes where visitors cloudy in the evening is always waiting shelter. I believe in the light that through the stars in the sky indicates the direction, does not wander off course and get lost wanderers who admires stars shine through his own distant tayamnichastsyu; just encourages romantics and gives hope for even the most unrealizable.
Belief in the miraculous power of light that occasionally forces sparkle unusual flowers dew drops or turns into valuable earthly treasures some cuttings of the gloomy deep subsurface.
I believe in the light that reveals the essence of all things and phenomena.
Faith in the cleansing power of light that can incinerate, destroy, erase all the excessive and unnecessary.
Faith in the power of light, absorbing darkness, has a place for himself drawn to, and a magnet for absolute purity, lightness and transparency in its own beautiful world, in its distant kingdom, where there is no darkness, nor shadow, no time " .
Tatiana Markovets — the artist, the daughter of the famous Belarusian painter Victor Markivtsi. Graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts. Makes trills of paper weaves artistic works of straw, experiments in other conventional genres of folk art and teach it to students of Minsk.

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