That outweigh married: intymnasts or publicity?

An employee of the House wedding: "You take a marriage and a family. So makarom voluntarily assume all the responsibilities that our government lozhit spouses. Excellent realize the tremendous responsibility to one another, their families, society and the law."
I came to Minsk matrimonial house on Saturday at about noon — day off, time for painting popular. But no hassles, no crowds of people in the corridors of the palace, I never saw him. Approximately every 20 minutes newcomer arrives bridal couple with relatives and friends. Young painted, congratulate and celebrate sent forth. No mad influx of guests.
Andronov, "What does not rush? For you, it is necessary that all there was? That there is influx, it means first decent job agencies. Couples assigned to a specific time schedule. So they are moving on schedule. "
I talk in the hallway with basic spices Minsk House Wedding Jadwiga Andronov. On Saturday February 24 was planned 18 registrations. It is not very much, because at the moment the winter and post explains Ms. Andronov. But even in the summer when the Belarusians in general often get married, have no problems — raspisats time to all comers. Is there a practical need to record two marriages at once?
Andronov, "I believe that this is not necessary — to record two pairs together. This is still a private business people and private family prazdnichek. If people will be very lot, we will find a way to register them differently, but such makarom, so that each pair still had prazdnichek private, personal event. "
Meanwhile from the hall for festive ceremonies came another couple, young enough — painted in brown color man with rings in his ears and a woman on the lips and pirsyngam with hair braided in a huge number of commas. Congratulations to the young and ask, like they react if dropped sign jointly with another couple?
Groom: "I have a negative attitude to this, since I believe that this thing is pretty intimate. Must be only one pair."
Wife: "I would not wish so. Once in a lifetime, very solemnly — and with strangers. Not very much like to."
I talk with the guests at the wedding.
Woman: "If I married — and I’m not married yet — I would not agree to it. I do not know. I think this case private, something cherished. I would wish it was something ours. "
The groom’s father: "I like my dad would not want to. I believe that the groom and his wife too. Marry — it intimate."
Lady: "If relatives, for example, sisters or brothers together — it would be fine. Strangers But … No. It is purely prazdnichek family."
Another couple looked more mature and limited. But these and groom with his wife against tests with matrimonial ceremonies.
Wife: "Negative."
Groom: "I would be against it. This is an exciting moment, and all must Personally, I think, for each pair. When attention is scattered, it seems to me that badly affects the atmosphere. Will not be the case, sincerity, only when all you do. Because I think it’s better when couples raspisvayutstsa separately. "
And here the conversation joined operator who filmed marriage to the video:
Operator: "I can give you for striking example. In order to see how it looks, you can come into a huge church wedding in time, when there were three couples. What is happening there, and what there is porridge mess. It is very unaesthetic. "

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