The best way to honor the victims of Stalinist repression — kedebeshnyya declassify archives

Man: "On my eyes, the best way to honor the memory of the innocent victims of Stalinist repression of 1937, well after 1937 — until the end of this declassify kedebeshnyya appropriate archives and pass uncut sufferers all available materials on family preservation relatives of the victims of the Bolshevik Cannibals. Without cuts — in other words, together with denunciations as "informer," well, just "vigilant" Russian people. After all, they have almost all moved in perfect peace. And now it is one God referee. That thinks about this historian Kuznetsov? "
Lady: "Do not you realize that Lukashenko without power — nothing! Complete zero. He choked, choking and would stifle the freedom and objectionable. As they say, he has no choice. And we will be silent breathe. He — Belarusian Cuba with his punitive detachment. We also have no choice. We need to breathe, while the power of Lukashenko. Youth is aware, because it suppresses the first and scare young people, because only intimidation may be the person to settle in nizasts, perversity, meanness, hypocrisy, fearfulness, careerism. Its principle — an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That’s it. "
Man: "Even the communist regime not thought to put 14-year-old minors for 25 days in jail for opposition activities Tipo, Lukashenko failed. And with all this continues to play hockey during working hours."
Arkady Ivantsevichy: "Yesterday on Radio Liberty in category" Quotes past "was the talk of the Palace Merechevschine, which is Near Town Kosava Brest region. It was announced that the Germans burned the palace at the end of the war. I wish to prove to listeners of "Freedom" I didand it is not the Germans, as the Bolshevik, and partisans on orders from Moscow. Though they did it at a time when the Germans were not in Ivatsevichy area in general, and, perhaps, in the Brest region. Noteworthy that the guerrillas used for kindling unthreshed sheaves of rye adjacent to the palace field of rye. Palace fading over 2 months. "
Vladimir Mikhailovich, Smorgon: "Hey, if you’re really the most democratic media outlet disk imaging, as you says you need to organize a debate between opposition favorites live. This is useful for Belarus. Please let it on the air.".
Man: "We have our own creation. Personal, albeit small. Bureaucrats uttered companies that they work with us do not wish that they take them unprofitable. And now we fight like a fish on the ice and can not do anything. Some complain. "
Man: "I wish to speak about the trip is following our opposition to America. It’s great that the opposition has the truth about our lives and our dictatorship in globally, but very small, our opposition and very … As the classic: "A long way whether they are people." Thank you for your attention. "
Man: "Good evening," Freedom. "Unfortunately, we could not contact someone who believes to be the organizer of the celebration on March 25. So, here again, I would venture to read his poem. Maybe someone will intrigue and put it somewhere on the leaflets. So listen:
You have waited at Glorified! Our flag over you again wind whips. Not in vain Our date. How many did you in our battle. How long you are separated us, but our songs sounded again. We do not have the right to have to forget. Come to the square to her bow!
Well here is a poem. He has "a beard," as they say. I once called him "The area is ours!" If anyone intrigue, the can be and print somewhere. . "
Lady: "Hello," Freedom! "I wish to express their outlook about the perpetuation of the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression. While this power will exist, no one will not do this. Whilst we will rule the Stalinist regime, nothing we can not wait. Essentially need to make memorial and make a "wall of memory," and bring back the names of all those who became victims of Stalinist repression. victim was my grandfather, I do not remember, as was born after the war. A very grandfather believed in the Soviet regime. During this and put it in jail, and he disappeared during the war. And we are This time anything about it do not know. A sincere thank you. "
Man: "Yesterday BT demonstrated series" Major Winds "and praised as a politician Charhinets. Serial no, the protagonist already retired need. Cherginets And as a writer and was not close to Victor Astafev and other classics: Chekhov, Kuprin etc Well .. this is my personal opinion. Well, as a politician Cherginets no. Keeps the owner’s expense. "
Lady: "Alexander Milinkeivch" unwound "the Belarusian opposition across Europe, in the USA, Russia. And everywhere recognized him as a favorite opposition. Currently on the thumb track decided to drive Vyachorka Lebedko, Kalyakin. Milinkevich And, you see you, they became not needed. So what? They forced Milinkevich form his movement "For Freedom!" I think this movement smallest electorate than Vyachorka, Kalyakin Liabedzka together, will not. So true did Alexander Milinkevich creating their movement "For Freedom! "I support him."
Stanislav, Ivantsevichy: "The penalties for administrative violations for drivers of vehicles from March 1 very hard. Officials say it is the European standards. I would like to hear if we will wage by European standards."

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