The controversy surrounding the new film about Solidarity

At a press conference in Warsaw, Anna V. supporters said that the film "Strike" Folker Shlendarf offended the entire movement "Solidarity" and the personal dignity of Anna V..
"This artificial dramatyzatsyya plot because the offspring of Anne V. went to the police department, which dispersed the demonstrators, completely not true, Mrs. V. and denigrates the film does not add anything," — said our radio Deputy favorite past "Solidarity" Andrzej Gwiazda.
With his views and agree historian, former defense minister of Poland Jan Paris: "By my views, this movie does not indicate true life story of Anne V., and does not explain the phenomenon of "Solidarity".
Legend of "Solidarity" — Anna V. come to Warsaw could not — scandal movie on her biography nerves could not stand, had to go to the clinic. During the conference, it was officially announced a subpoena against Folkera Shlendarfa.
German director himself rejects accusations V.: "This movie is not based on one hundred percent on the facts. I just tried to show the complex reality, to connect various representations of the parties. Sorry if someone felt offended. My movie reads for itself. This is not business director — excuses after, as he shot the movie, and respond to different disputes. "
Film critic Peter Smyalovski believes that the movie was made in general bad, "I can not agree with the fact that from time to time a movie can be simplified, easier to demonstrate the history, so, for example, these events intrigue youth. But the film, not even taking into account that it is often contrary to historical truth, just poorly made. to intrigue history, you need to do the best films. "
Meanwhile First viewers who have seen the film "Strike", believe that it truly shows the part of Polish history: "Such a film is very hard to do, because he may be boring — strike lasted long. Therefore was necessary some things to add to maintain the enthusiasm of the audience. This movie really makes the atmosphere those times . "

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