The family thing — a woman and a man should earn money …

Man: "Of course, right now guys and ladies we are. Who even has the right to read and even think that there are different? And in the house, and the house, and at work, and after work — everywhere equality. Nowhere and nobody zhachynu anything do not discriminate. "
2nd man: "It is true, as there are must. I fully agree with that. "
Lady: "Oh, what a sudden question …".
Man: "there is no discrimination and even take the law itself was not so."
Reporter: "And what this bill will deliver the lady?"
Lady: "In principle, I agree, in the end we do here is not stifled. Acceptable concerning …"
Reporter: "Tell me, please, and the lady in your family does not discriminate?"
Lady: "Let them try, in the family I hostess."
Man: "I think that we are right. We currently ladies, anywhere, and in the ministry, and significant positions. So, I think that nobody is discriminated against."
Lady: "I think that all depends on the most ladies, and we are right."
Lady: "I believe that we have equality in the country. By the way, yesterday we heard on TV as read President, that now men can go on maternity leave flush with the ladies … . "
Lady: "I also believe that equality in the country. In his own family — the basic I, since I have a higher salary, get a schoolteacher 300 thousand. Her husband works in the SEC because wages quite small — 160 thousand. That than it is equality. Because wished to appeal to the president, that he gave our peasants large salary and the opportunity to earn extra money somewhere else. "
Woman: "I think, we have equality. My rights have never dyskryminavali. Is that if vladkovvaeshsya a job, then still feel discrimination, according to their sex. "
Man: "More rights for the ladies, because they keep the money …".
Lady: "Normally we live: flush with the guys at work and with the voices of our numbers."
Reporter: "A family whose voice more meaningful — or your man?"
Lady: "The family head my voice, because the family is always more on women’s shoulders. A man should earn money … "

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