The first Soviet «stealth»

The first Soviet  

When we talk about the first plane built with the technology of «stealth» on the territory of the former USSR, then immediately mentions the Russian PAK FA or T-50, which pass the tests now. But not enough people know that this is not the first «stealth» in Russia. First stealth can be considered as well the development of the Sukhoi made to modernize Sukhovsky same Su-24. This work was conducted on the topic of creation «Bomber 90» or Su-24BM (large version). This machine had several titles at once: 6BM T, T-60, T-60S, 54 Object, Object 54C. Only Burst in our country prevented its complete restructuring.

The aircraft was designed to be installed 2-P-79 engines (18500 kgf), and later, the P-179-300 or AL-41F (izd.20) with a thrust of 18,500 — 20,000 kgs.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s control over the project took over Oleg S. Samoylovich.

Under control Samoilovych T-60S single-mode aircraft became capable to break through to the goals at the highest speed and at high altitude. Outside T-60s began to recall migovsky interceptor TIR-70-1. But, unlike him, T-60S equipped with a built-in radar system «Predator.» Apart from this, 4 closed compartments are 4 long-range cruise missiles X-55. The same has been provided and the outer suspension ammunition. The main emphasis in the design of the aircraft was made by lowering the visibility and increase the aerodynamic properties. Vme6ste All this has led to a record distance flight T-60S, 11,000 km away.The 1985 due to a conflict with the OS Samoilovich M.P.Simonovym, first deputy minister of the aviation industry, was transferred to work in the Mikoyan design bureau, in conjunction with it has gone to the same group of designers.

New people taking responsibility for the theme T-60S, it redrew the project. He received a new index — «Object 54C.» But it is not surprising, did not impact on the project is bad, brand new machine has absorbed all the best of the found solutions predecessors. Save scheme «tailless» (At the maximum sweep movable part) «to 54C» got a wing sweep and lost some share stealth got in return multimode, in other words excellent opportunity to fly as high and low altitude. Perhaps envisaged the possibility of equipping the machine promising missiles now known as X-555 and H-101/102.

Be equipped «to 54C» prestigious at that time «chip» active self-defense system consisting of radar rearview and R-73 missiles, which are housed in a compartment load together with cruise missiles.

Theme «to 54» was stopped by order of Yeltsin in 1992. Officially, its failure was presented as yet another peace initiative in the negotiations on arms limitation. I think that without the Yankees here, of course, has not done.

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