The inhabitants of Gomel — the dialogue of the opposition and the authorities

Man: "We need to meet, to find a common language. Impossible one command. Take the same Russia — and there and everywhere, several parties. Argue decide. And we what? Opposition be! Exactly! "
Lady: "Lukashenka was once chairman of the kolkhoz. I understand it as a business. Milinkevich I also understand. It is necessary that in our country everything was fine, everything should be solved by negotiations and peaceful means. "
Young Man: "For what? Dialogue to nothing lead."
Lady: "Dialogue — generally constructive thing. Need to talk. But better that and the results were constructive. "
Man: "This proposal likely, no dialogue, and appeal to Lukashenka: you really telling the truth when he said that he was ready to change? "
Lady: "With our opposition should not read. We have no real opposition. "
Man: "We need to negotiate. But the opposition against our people is the wrong policy. They eat our bread and we also dig."
Man: "Better dialogue than lawlessness. Better gather, talk normally, come to a common solution. Opposition — also excellent, as must be different views in the community. "
Man: "Dialogue with the opposition must be, and opposition be. But not the same as ours. It is not numerous small group lives on dividends from abroad. The opposition is expected to grow within the country. Power without opposition — it is not the government. "
Lady: "The more people and beliefs, the more good-quality solutions. If they agreed to talk, means they are great! "

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