The Interior Ministry does not comment on details of the visit in the United States V. Naumova

Previously this information circulated online newspaper "Daily" without reference to specific sources. Curiosity about this trip is explained by the fact that Vladimir Naumov comes in the list of high-ranking Belarusian officials banned check in EU countries and the United States on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of political opponents of the Belarusian regime.
The U.S. embassy in Belarus also not comment on details of the likely trip Navumau in the U.S..
Meanwhile it became clear that on 20 February the Council of Ministers adopted a decree № 218 "On the trip VV Naumova in New-york (USA). "Reference to the existence of such regulations on the web can see the website of the State legal Internet portal Republic of Belarus.
Details of the air and listen to read later on the website Radio Liberty.

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