The Kremlin will put 2-candidates?

According to Putin, decision about "expanding the scope of liability Ivanov." Last Russian Defense Minister has now coordinate not only the military-industrial complex, and part of the civilian sector.
Increase Ivanova gives him the status, that has in the top Russian leadership Dmitry Medvedev. As currently allow analysts vyravnovvanne status Ivanov and Medvedev indicates, Putin to This time not determine the candidacy of his own successor.
Views on Russian political commentator "The latest newspaper" Sergei sewing Putin’s reorganization gives Ivanov and Medvedev equal starting conditions in the upcoming election campaign:
Moulin: "It fits into that concept of which read President during the latter’s own press conference that our country expects free choice of 2-candidates. Only he did not substantiate that it will be two candidates of the Kremlin. "
New destination postpones Sergei Ivanov from the Defense Ministry, during the reign of which he often treated the subject of sharp criticism. Russian military analyst Alexander Goltz believes that the position of First Deputy Prime Minister Ivanov can assist raise the rating:
Holtz: "I think it’s a new chance for Ivanov, as in the end it became clear that the Defense Minister, popularity is not very th rack. Not without Sergei Ivanov as our army is in its own situation today. And because very hard pour that people gain popularity in these criteria. That adopted such a strange decision. "
Ivanov, like Putin, 54 years old. He last employee Putin’s State Security Committee. Medvedev 41 years old, worked as a lawyer and teacher, as First Deputy Prime Minister protects the implementation of social programs.
The presidential election campaign officially begins in Russia at the end of this year.

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