The opposition is preparing a draft Constitution small


The "low-Constitution" still being finalized, but its main conceptual points now voiced Deputy Chairman of the Joint civilian Party Alexander Dobrovolsky:
"The problem of the latest decision of the Constitution is very difficult. There is no 1st legitimate authority, which could do.
And because will need to enjoy the experience of countries such as Poland and Ukraine, who perceived the first constitutional law on the basis of municipal construction and operating principles of power and left in force all the provisions of the Constitution relating to general things.
To the problem of legitimacy postponed to a later period, when the new Parliament after the new elections will accept the latest Constitution, it is necessary to take as the base model of Poland and Lithuania, where the president, he was elected by all the people, he has a fairly limited, primarily responsible for the formation of power carries Parliament . "
Path to the latest Constitution
In accordance with the project "Small Constitution" introduces two new municipal universities — Commissioner Human Rights and the Supervisory Board in the television and radio broadcasting, which will issue licenses and to control execution of the law in this area.
As explained Alexander Dobrovolsky, the project "Small Constitution" and other priority laws, including election law must see and support the Congress of Democratic Forces.
Then organized a public discussion of these projects, the further they are being finalized and published. Next step — the creation of the Constituent Assembly, which will include members of parliament last legitimate Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation, members political parties and delegates from the regions. They should recent adoption of the text of the Constitution and laws of priority.
Followers of union with Russia became less
Now, at a meeting of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces Managing sociological laboratory "Novak" Andrei Vardamatski announced the results of the latest sociological research.
According to them, 38 percent of respondents in favor of an alliance with Russia on the basis of the European Union, three and a half per cent wish occurrence of Belarus into the Russian Federation, nearly 18 percent of respondents oppose at least some union with Russia, while 25 percent want to quit such a situation, it there.
If from 2002 to 2004 number of supporters of European integration and those he wants Federal Government to build a Russian, was roughly equal, in the period from 2004 until December 2006 number of people with pro-Russian orientation uniformly increased.
But by December 2006 the number of adherents alliance with Russia began to dissipate, and the opposite was more people who prefer integration with the EU. Andrei Vardamatski binds these configurations are not only conflict with the oil and gas, and with the way the Russian and Belarusian media covered it.
A.Vardamatski said: "There is increasing pro-European orientation, but it is not a mirror. That number of people who moved away from the pro-Russian, are not they all ran over to the pro-European geopolitical orientation."
By the way, as it should from the last survey laboratory "Novak", more than 63 percent of the participants believe achieved with Russian agreement on oil and gas supplies temporary. People believe that the crisis could be repeated.
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