The prison administration refused to take dietary products for Kozulin

Administration Vitebsk colony "Vitsba-3" refused to take food diet for Alexander Kozulin, which brought him to the colony lawyer Igor Rynkevich. According to the lawyer, the colony believe that the process of exit policy hunger strikes and so goes well.
"I brought food, which he collected relatives, and they did not take nothing. Allegedly, he was transferred to 5V mode. This dyetharchavanne through the prison canteen. No more goods he is not allowed, not counting those few transmissions that are sent as all prisoners. I asked, on the basis of characteristics which honey it made? Referred to the excellent analysis and some sort of record in the medical card, but I have not shown. Because I made a request to the head of the colony Vitaly Agnistsikava to inform me as a lawyer, "- says Igor Rinkevich.
The duty of the colony declined to comment on the contributions of Alexander Kozulin other diet and phones Governing Authority on March 8 did not respond.
On personal recollections Igor Rinkevich, Alexander Kozulin not look completely healthy, although shows bodrenkoe mood.
Last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin expressed gratification that he was again chosen chairman of the Belarus Social Democratic Party Hulk. Election came on March 4 at the next party congress. Alexander Kozulin vyznat the election of reportage Radio Liberty, said the lawyer. According to Igor Rinkevich, Kozulin in favor of maintaining the unity of the party and commented on other decisions of the Congress "Hulk.
Igor Rynkevich also said that soon relation to Alexander Kozulin by the prison administration has become more stringent. "For example, made the remark as if he had stayed up late, signing greeting cards 8th of March. Small quibbles become more and he already has two penalties for violation of discipline" — recalled Igor Rinkevich.

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