The prospect of privatization Belshina Bobruisk was a surprise for

Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky led directly under what criteria the investor can claim a share in the authorized capital of the Belarusian company. "If someone wants to buy for a penny — this will not" — the head of the government. He said that in a number of priorities for sale is meant to expose "Belshina". But investors should be prepared for the fact that the plant would cost billions of dollars more.
As experience shows, the prospect of privatization in most "favorite" companies find out if the case or from the news BT. My call from the control room "Belshina" was met with surprise, "I do not know, we do not circulate such rumors. Especially since, enterprise and so works perfectly fine. And, I must say, we were already incorporated. It’s at this point we do not stock company. "
In late 1990 announced price "Belshina" was much more moderate — only 20 million dollars. Then the first Russian were interested in purchasing Belarusian company — Bobruisk stroll tire trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machinery road, with the flow of the assembly "GAZ" in Nizhny Novgorod, "KAMAZ" in Naberezhnye Chelny, the capital "Agriculture," St. Petersburg "Agratehmashu" "Darmashu" Sokol. One time, they say, in Bobruisk frequenting the highest lyabist, last Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. However, soon "Belshina" hit the list of strategic companies "not to implement" and vkladyvatelny project previously turned. And yesterday, even to control "Belshina" news about the likely arrival of investors was "a surprise." However, Deputy General Director of Personnel Management, Alexander Kozlov says, in such cases, the views of the Directorate are not interested enough.
"It is difficult to comment on this statement. Frankly, for me it was to some extent a surprise. I about such abilities do not know anything. On the other hand, this state-owned enterprise, and the government will make a corresponding decision. And we all — municipal officials, first "- says Alexander Kozlov.
"Belshina" for Bobruisk — forming enterprise, the stability of which depends on the welfare of the majority of urban dwellers. Because as stated the last member of the City Council Ales Chyhir Bobruisk, the issue of implementing plant burning for all residents. But even uninformed people in economic matters affects the amount that "requests" for "Belshina" government — at least 1 billion dollars.
"The question is, where did such a sum? Who evaluates company that there was audited? If the sum is taken, as they say, a" ceiling "that it’s just frivolous. Unfortunately, Lukashenko and Sidorsky argue about privatization, but they did not they say this about the mechanism of privatization, it will happen. And it is even more important than the actual privatization. Because in this case, again a very important question: how the company will be sold, to whom and on what criteria. As occupant of Bobruisk, I do not mind, that it was sold, but the sale shall take place through open auctions, and all must transparent enough "- said Ales Chyhir.
In the capital, probable success "Bobruisk deal" estimate just shy. Here that reads economist Sergei Balykin
"Belarus is not so pretty country for investment. World existed without Belarus and also there will be great without Belarus, Belarusian companies without. So expect that there will be some standing queue of investors — at least, at the moment there is no grounds. Fact, that is not enough to offer your property for sale, you should still do the right conditions for profitable business activities in Belarus. In the meantime, no such criterion. "
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