The trial of former police officer will be closed

Alexander Sergeichik which journalists have dubbed "Grodno maniac", served as the company commander of the department of the Grodno regional protection. Grodno and it will be judged, but, taking into account the gravity of the charge, the process is not charged local referees and field collegium of the Supreme Court.
Case Sergeichik has many volumes, some 10’s episodes. Top among them — 12 kills, while some of the rape, and that gave ground spices talk about the maniacal temper offenders. But unlike similar serial criminals, suspected Sergeichik not forget about property motives 10s episodes cases involve theft of municipal property and personal property. There are also episodes of fraud and illegal operations with a gun.
Alexander Sergeichik threatens the death penalty, and this is another reason that the trial the presiding arbitrator Supreme Court Alexander Raydudin.
Already announced that the trial of former militia guards closed. Chief Justice Valentin Sukala explained that disclosure of expected disk imaging intimate character, and such cases are always held behind closed doors. But it did not so long ago in the same format underwent processes of the gang Morozov and over Rechitsa group, which also showed "a police trail." Either do not hide such makarom from society atrocities are part of the police? Sovereign Sukala considers such conclusions unfounded.
Sukala: "I do not have such statistics, more and more enclosed processes associated with the police. Usually it clarifies requests stakeholders. But if the appeal against the sentence, and the Supreme Tribunal will find that the process was closed unnecessarily, then chairman of the Judicial Board may be punished. "
Cases of "werewolves in epaulets" enjoy special attention of the society and the media, but information about their income is very limited. According to journalists attending the MIA board in January 2007, Minister Vladimir Naumov recalled the case of former policeman Sergeichik and still some in which There is "a police trail." But in the discussion of the problem of police crime reporters from the hall, which hosted the board, removed. overall crime statistics in their environment in the Ministry of Internal Affairs recent years not reported. Clearly, in the 2004th year, more than 200 police officers were lured to criminal liability. With addition time crime in the country has increased, admitted Minister Vladimir Naumov.

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