The U.S. administration is concerned about the human rights situation in Belarus

He spoke Tuesday at a special press briefing at the foreign ministry, the South American publication of the next yearly report on the situation of human rights in the world for 2006.
Barry Lavenkron considering the year 2006 the "Year of rollback" in ensuring human rights and freedoms. "It is alarming the highest density of cranes used selectively or adopted laws and regulations against NGOs and media. Examples include a new, restrictive Russian laws relating to non-governmental organizations, and the restrictions placed on the web in China, "said a South American diplomat.
On the request to assess the situation with human rights Belarus Bari Lavenkron replied that "nothing bad" on this score, he can not speak. With all this B.Lavenkron said he met on last week in Washington with representatives Belarusian opposition. "They do not want to give up. They’re going to continue to put pressure on the government in Minsk, "Assistant Secretary of State highlighted.

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