The U.S. State Department pays its attention to domestic violence in Belarus

Domestic violence — hidden problem
Preparers are turning their attention to domestic violence, bad appeal with the ladies in families that Belarusian criteria is important, but This time hidden problem. Authorities pay little attention to it, the Criminal Code does not contain a corresponding article.
In the past year, 8 months Belarus was brought about 3,000 criminal cases for beating, torture and murder in Belarusian families. For this Time wasabout 295 people convicted for violence against the ladies of their 33 — to pregnant women.
But they Belarusian ladies reluctantly recognized militia violence of their own spouses and anonymous assistance centers strongly enough, they are mostly in Minsk and do not have adequate financing from the authorities. In addition creators of the State Department report noted in Belarus is not considered a crime of rape in the family.
Prostitution and sexy exploitation
Belarusian law prohibits prostitution, but the punishment for sin is usually very small — mostly small fine, while prostitution is spreading outside the capital, including municipal hotels.
Severe problem is the removal of the ladies and sexy women for exploitation abroad. According to the Interior Ministry, for the past 10 months he wasrecorded on 518 such cases, recorded 463 victims of this criminal activity, from their 55 — minors.
67% of the unemployed — Ladies
According to the report of the State Department, the ladies in Belarus have fewer skills for career advancement, they often suffer from unemployment. About 67 percent of the unemployed are specifically Belarusian ladies. Employers in Belarus reluctantly recruit women with babies, — states the drafters of the State Department report on human rights in Belarus.
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