To apply for a civil service officials need advice

Experts note that the decision to "filter" the candidates for municipal managerial employee per se not new. During the Russian Communist Party wishing to fill the ranks of the CPSU had enlist the support of 2-mates with experience. Also tips also required properties of employment or study. Membership in the party was allowed to party members a range of benefits compared with non-partisan.
In general, at present rates are not the lowest. Modern municipal bureaucrats get pretty highest wages have company cars and service apartments with the prospect of privatization recuperate in neperanaselenyh departmental clinics at discounted prices improve their health in sanatoriums and rest homes. Managerial employee under safeguards the position he occupies, is much easier to get a loan Bankovaja well and generally open doors normally closed to ordinary mortals.

Oleksandr Tymoshenko: "For me, this is nothing new when I was arranged to work here, and here is to bring 2-tips."

But not even the most highest grades must pass control function before the imperative to take place in the offices. Press secretary of the Council of Ministers Alexander Tymoshenko knows that getting a job, it also had to provide two directions.
"You can, of course, to clarify — at the moment it is something new or not. But do not think that this is something fundamentally new … — uttered in an interview with" Freedom "Alexander Timoshenko. — For example, for me this There is nothing new. As for other — hard to say, I beheld document and do not know to whom it may be distributed or circulated previously. I can only say that when I was arranged to work here, and here is to bring the 2-tips. "
One of the former managers of the Belarusian Institute of municipal Anatoly Pavlov believes segodnyaschy personnel policy focused only on the search of persons priklnnyh to the regime and its own essence fundamentally inferior even to the former "communist selection."
"In that system was set pretty good work with the staff, — Anatoly Pavlov recalled. — And so our management personnel intricacies ought to learn. A person is watched for many years, he was given orders, and regardless of their performance properties or people walking above or it was left alone. Now we have a common scheme: only could perform at least some order, though any order, even oral. Therefore people can not even in situations where you feel that you go to trade with his own conscience, his future, with his own reputation, not able to even ask for a written order, which, of course, no one would ever dare to give. "

Anatoly Pavlov: "This is another attempt to erect barriers, so that none of the disloyal not slipped, none of unnecessary not jumped into power."

In addition, Anatoly Pavlov said: in a rather difficult situation fall not so much those who have to run around looking for those wishing to give them advice as yourself "guarantors." As experience shows, in primarily can ask from them, who randomly or deliberately intended to introduce a state institution opposition "spy."
"If someone, for example, gave the recommendation, it means that the first with him and will ask if anything … — said Anatoly Pavlov. — Because I do not imagine that all of this work, with this personnel policy . But this Anyway another attempt to erect barriers, that none of the disloyal not slipped, none of unnecessary not jumped into power. In other words, Prof. properties person really nobody is interested. Interested in one thing — personal loyalty. This intrigued regular power. Unfortunately. "

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