To invite Lukashenko to Brussels and drop it off at a round table with other presidents

Many listeners who write to us in these days of the February, believe that in Belarus and around it developed suitable conditions to change the business with the West — the invisible wall damage that builds the Belarusian authorities on the western borders of the country in the past 12 years.
What you need to do in Belarus and what reciprocal steps should the West do?
Oh, so says about these issues in his own letter to the "Freedom" Andrew Sokol of Soligorsk district. He writes:
"Why the West is not going to meet Lukashenko? President of Belarus for the last month has already made pavdyasyatka allegations that he was ready for dialogue. Neuzh something the West wants the president to independent states grovel on his knees and asked for recognition? Lukashenko — not such people, humiliated, he never will. But the West can irretrievably lose the ability to attach to Belarus for yourself if it will be very stubborn.
Lukashenko offers U.S. and EU should gratefully accept and begin negotiations immediately. For this it is necessary to invite Lukashenko in Brussels, drop it off at a round table with other presidents and hold regular summit "Belarus — European Union". Belarus — not a poor relation, it is part of Europe. And it should be considered as a full-fledged European power. "
Humiliate or Belarus Belarusian President favorites western countries are not going to, sire Falcon. But in order to start a dialogue with the West, is not sufficient alone statements by President Lukashenko (even if they sounded a lot). Such dialogue is unlikely to happen as long as remain in jail until political prisoners in Belarus and make new criminal cases against political opponents of the regime.
In general, the requirements of the European institutions to Minsk already for many years remain the same — the release of political prisoners, cease persecution of opposition and independent media. Without these requirements dialogue with the Belarusian authorities are likely unfeasible.
Created subsequent letters — from the village of Victor Klyanovski Druja Braslavskogo district. He writes:
"My friend, who works on the farm, in December paid 100 thousand rubles. And it worked for a month. That would let Lukashenko came to us and tried to live on the money month. Either he wanted to whereupon raise the collective?
In the Belarus Constitution says that every citizen has the right to Belarus for a decent life. So why the government does not provide this right? Can not? Then let not prevent people find themselves the methods to find work and earn.
Here’s our village Druja — on the shore of the Western Dvina. On the other side is Latvia. I know that there need people to work in agriculture, construction workers. And wages there are many times higher than ours. So why not open the item in Drouhin facilitated border crossing and keep people out to work? It is necessary that our people, as well as EU citizens are able to freely travel across the river to visit his friends, relatives, or to find a decent job. "
Freely cross the border with the European Union and freely get a job there Belarusian citizens in the foreseeable future is unlikely to succeed, the emperor Klyanovski. Visa regime, border and customs control, limitation of movement of labor — all of the results and consequences of foreign policy, in which for more than 10 years manufacturing Belarusian management.
All this time Minsk guided by Russia. And the European Union, of course, protects its borders, the economy and the labor market from unwanted migrants from the east.
Change the situation may be only when between Minsk and Brussels will develop radically other things. The EU is not closing the door to Belarus. And that it must, such changes in the relationship occurred in Minsk well aware.
Speaking about the fate of the Belarusian village, started in one of the last transmission from the village Vyacheslav Suharebskim Ruthenians Baranovichi district, joined our friend Paul Satz davneshny village of cankers Malorita district. He writes:
"I once had already appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture with this proposal — to build three or four houses for a separate autonomous farming hamlet. So the Ministry sent a sharp reply, that it is shameful even to quote. Wrote in a newspaper — there was forwarded to the Ministry. This business already twelve years.
I understand that the government is simply not profitable, so on earth was the personal owner. They are used to serfdom, in which all dispose of themselves. If I own, do not give them a pig "for nothing". And on the farm they can take all the free …
So they and collective cost: in the 1st land take — give second. And fertilizer friend can give pleasure, and to deprive another, if very inappeasable. And how many defected potato and grain through my hands on the head of gifts. Come and take collective as your own. With private traders do not pull.
I think it was, and will be until his knees. "
So, sire Sats collective farm system is very comfortable for the authoritarian regime of power. Man it feels adjective and one hundred percent dependent on the collective farm bosses. This man simply manipulated to dictate his will. And all grown and produced by the collective farmers not belong to him, and the state — in other words, the same power, which owns the fruits of the labor of dependent farmers.
The problem for an authoritarian regime that comfortable for him kolkhoz system ineffective. It can not exist without large-scale municipal subsidies. Divorced from the land and from supplies man — a bad worker. And at some point, the authorities will have to start real agricultural reform: be unprofitable farms and then the government is simply not capable of. In particular, the criteria disappear when hopes for selfless financial aid Russia.
At the end of a few passages from the letters of listeners, lilac leave a comment.
Paul writes to us from the village of Davydenko Parichi Svetlahorsk area:
"How many in your Time wasbuilt at the expense of the Chernobyl funds rural homes, shops, factories consumer services, baths, dining rooms. All this in today’s government broke, broken, destroyed and stole …
Now here again builds agrotowns Lukashenko. And nearby are abyazlyudelyya left the village. And whom he will drive in those towns, if wages or animal warden milkmaids — 150-160 thousand rubles? And anyhow, it’s not what work all life knee-deep in manure, rubber boots and a padded jacket that smelled of ammonia … "
Subsequent letter from Mary Yaremenki from Minsk:
"Remember how Misha Gorbachev announced the need for new thinking and openness. But later, these principles have forgotten and squeezed. And there was a real orgy. We need a push to get back to those processes — and then society will again have the chance for a cure."
And another letter, which created Inna Dig Vaukavysk:
"Revitalize whiteRussian language possible only when the people themselves zahochut speak on it. But what happens when the only sounds throughout the Russian language — the screen tele, at a meeting with the authorities, at meetings and in offices, on the street. Comes a vicious circle: people do not want to read Belarusian, because the language does not apply to public places, and the government refuses to change the status of the language, referring to the fact that people do not want it.
And eventually we all together — and society and the authorities — ruin their national heritage, and coupled with her own self-contained and the future state of the country. "
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