Today President of the Republic of Lithuania A.Brazavskas included in the list of persons who practice municipal accused of terrorism

Good day! Belarusian "Freedom" recalls a day last March 2 using newspapers in different years.
"Farmer’s Field", year 1927. The newspaper reported the incident to the newspaper "Our Voice": "Belarusian newspaper" Our Voice "in one of your own room is located remark that as Pavlyukevich and Valeysha also like Mamonko and has a connection with defenzyvayu. But when the editor of" Our Voice " at personal vymaganni Mamonko not put facts, Mamonko sufficed chair and bang on the head editor … making him an easy wound. "
In 1957 this week President of the BNR Rada Mykola Abramchik wrote for the 50th anniversary of Stanislav Stankevich, "We Sianno proud that over the past Three years Our Munich publishing house "Fatherland" has given the world 13 books monumental and Munich Institute — a number of scientific journals and monographs in some Belarusian, British and other languages. Much, much work has been done by you, Dear Doctor. Nobody knows better and I, whose in this award … Give Ms God for you health. Let us save you All-Powerful for many years, so you return to idle Belarus from your own home, there in the best of circumstances more uzbuynili their creativity. "
"We and time" on this week 1997 printed statement of the Minsk City Council of the Movement for social progress and justice: "Today Lithuanian President A.Brazavskas workers, law enforcement and other Lithuanian Betyngis, guilty of illegal persecution own ideological enemies listed in the list of persons who are accused of breach Human Rights Municipal and practice of terrorism. In whatever part of the world or abandoned their fate, we will strongly insist on their tracing, seizure and direction to the tribunal for atrocities, without the introduction of the statute of limitations. "

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