Truxtun — U.S. Navy destroyer entered the Black Sea on the teachings

Truxtun - U.S. Navy destroyer entered the Black Sea on the teachings
South American guided missile destroyer with a weapon Truxtun entered the Dark Sea, where apprehend role in joint with Romania and Bulgaria teachings and actions of security, reports the U.S. Navy.
«In the Black Sea ship to visit the port and plan in advance the planned maneuvers with allies and partners,» — said in a statement, according to RIA Novosti.
Navy emphasize that the campaign was planned before the events in Crimea — even before the destroyer from a base in the United States. The ship is part of a carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier George HW Bush, in force in the area of ​​responsibility of the U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet.
Class destroyer «Arleigh Burke» resettled alert and defense «Aegis» with interceptor missiles, cruise missiles «Tomahawk».
Turkish authorities gave the USS permission to pass through the Bosporus in the next 2-days, writes Turkish March 5 edition The Hurriyet Daily News, reports citing Tsenzor.NET Sources in the Turkish government, which is associated with the publication, did not specify exactly which South American ship got permission.
Yet, the same bureaucrats, saying on the criteria of anonymity, pronounced that it was not nuclear aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush («Bush»), as previously assumed, since it does not meet the standards outlined in the Montreux Convention
U.S. Navy ship, poulchivshee permission to pass through the Bosporus will sootvetsnovat these standards. Class ships such as «George Bush», belonging to non-Black Sea states, according to the Montreux Convention, do not have the rights of passage through the Straits, as their total tonnage can not exceed 45 thousand tons, and can not cross the ships with the introduction of atomic engines, or with an atomic weapon.

Copa missile destroyer «Truxton» (Truxtun)
evening March 7, 2014 entered the Dark Sea, referring to the Agence France-Presse edition FORUM.
The ship’s crew consists of about 300 sailors. «Truxton» armed launcher 96 cells capable of launching «Tomahawk» missiles and «ground-to-air», also based on a destroyer two antisubmarine helicopters.
According to the Montreux Convention on the status of the straits, warships States without access to the Black Sea, may be in waters less than 21 days. With all of this total tonnage of non-Black Sea countries should not exceed 30 thousand tons.
March 5 U.S. Navy announced that in light of the Ukrainian crisis want to spend an intense exercises with the air forces of Poland, and later sent to the country of 12 F-16 fighters.
It is expected that the aircraft will arrive at a military base in the central part of the country March 10, 2014. The other day in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, a rally was held where participants expressed support for Moscow’s position in Ukrainian conflict, and strongly condemned the interference in the internal affairs of Kiev EU countries and the USA.
Earlier in the meeting of the UN Security Council critical salting Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said on preparing provocations against the Russian Black Sea Fleet. With the same information was also made by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Temper provocations and sought their party were not specified.

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