U.S. and North Korea have begun a dialogue for the first time in 50 years

U.S. and North Korea were the opponents since the war on the Korean peninsula in 1953. The fact that at the moment both sides have been negotiating the normalization of relations, commentators dubbed historic.
Negotiations began on March 5 in the hotel "Astoria" in New York. Delegation led by Under Secretary of State Christopher Gill and Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs Kim Kye Gwan. On this day, several fundamental planned consultations.
These negotiations started likely of success after six-party talks in Beijing with the role the two Koreas, the U.S., land of the rising sun, China and Russia. February 13, Pyongyang agreed to freeze its nuclear program from in exchange for international supply of petroleum products.
Despite the high hopes expressed in the press, the official dealer of the U.S. spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters:
"I should like to warn you that this is the first meeting, which discusses the rules of the work."
Along with the talks in New York began bilateral talks the DPRK and the land of the rising sun in Hanoi. There will be open a discussion probable establishing diplomatic relations between With 2 countries.
North Korea fundamentally, that the United States thawed its assets in Macau bank also deleted it from its own list of countries sponsoring terrorism. U.S., but had previously stated that it will happen only after the dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear programs from Pyongyang and submitting a complete list of their nuclear research.

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