U.S. Navy ordered the 9 class destroyers DDG-51 «Arleigh Burke» in the amount of $ 6.2 billion

U.S. Navy ordered the 9 class destroyers DDG-51
TSAMTO June 5. The U.S. Navy on June 3 awarded two long-term (2013-2017 FY) contract to supply nine destroyers class DDG-51 «Arleigh Burke», the total price of which will be 6.2 billion dollars.

With the company «General Dynamics Bath Iron Works» (BIW) agreement cost 2.84 billion dollars for the design and construction of 4 class destroyers DDG-51, including one in 2013 FY and one for FY 2015-2017 Contract includes an option for the supply of the fifth destroyer. If the option is exercised, the fifth destroyer will be laid in 2014. Construction of all ships will be in Brunswick (sht.Men).

With «Huntington Ingalls Industries» (HII) signed a contract price of 3.33 billion dollars for the design and construction of a 5-class destroyer DDG-51 (one for 2013-2017.). Work will be performed at the plant in Pascagoula (sht.Missisipi).

As part of the agreement signed on June 3 destroyers will be built with hull number DDG-117-DDG-125. Implementation will allow the option to build DDG-126. Financing the construction of the shipyard «Huntington Ingalls Industries’ destroyer DDG-117» Paul Ignasius «and the shipyard» Bath Iron Works «destroyer DDG-118» Daniel Inouye «will begin in 2013.

Agreement for the construction of five ships was signed with HII through offering lower prices, which is estimated at 666 million dollars per unit. Price destroyers at BIW is 711 million dollars.

In price not included expensive equipment, which is purchased Navy under separate contracts (for example, the system «Aegis» and weapons).

According to the command of the U.S. Navy, long agreements will save money and ensure the timely delivery of new fleet of warships. Command expects that during 2013-2017 years. be able to convince Congress to provide funding for the construction of the missing 10th ship of the series.

An estimated savings can exceed 1.5 billion dollars through more efficient scheduling.

First destroyers will be built in the current version of «Fly-2A». As implied, with FY 2016 begin construction of destroyers in the latest modification «Flay.3.»

It is planned that the destroyer of the «Flay.3» will develop a radar AMDR, which vary AN/SPY-1D radar system «Aegis» more massive systems generate electricity and cooling, which enable the functioning of embedded systems and missile defense (IAMD), allowing accompany and intercept ballistic missiles.

Initially it was assumed that the DDG-112 «Michael P. Murphy» will be the final class destroyer DDG-51. Aaplet planned to end in 2012, after delivery of the 62nd ship of the series, but due to the increased price class destroyers DDG-1000 «Zumwalt» U.S. Navy decided to continue your class ships «Arleigh Burke.»

Contracts for the construction of destroyers «John Finn» (DDG-113) and «Ralph Johnson» (DDG-114) were concluded with «Huntington Ingalls Industries.» Destroyers «Rafael Peralta» (DDG-115) and «Thomas Hadner» (DDG-116) will be built by «General Dynamics Bath Iron Works.»

Construction of DDG-113 began in September 2012 and currently has its degree of readiness of 10%. Work on the DDG-114 will begin in September. «Bath Iron Works» started construction of DDG-115 in November 2011. His delivery is scheduled for 2016. The construction of DDG-116 company started in November 2012.

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