Uncompromising win over cellulite

Think prepare slim and fit figure is impossible to leave? Today it is a reality! Strengthen muscles, get rid of "orange peel" skin, reduce body fat and achieve a lifting effect is possible without surgery. There are no miracles!

Aesthetic Beauty today has a huge arsenal of effective means to combat cellulite and subcutaneous fat deposits.

In the department of aesthetic and medical cosmetology ON CLINIC You have a unique opportunity to get rid of cellulite and get slim and fit figure.

To do this, cosmetologists ON CLINIC developed effective anti-cellulite programs that use a variety of hardware and hand techniques.

Endermologie LPG

LPG-one of the most powerful hardware techniques that allows to return the form of elasticity and the skin — the smoothness and elasticity. This technology is recognized as the world's experts in the field of cosmetology and plastic surgery and is a good alternative to liposuction.

LPG — The technique of multi-level effects on the soft tissue — developed and patented the famous company «LPG Systems» in France.

Revolutionary for its time, the technique LPG was a breakthrough in aesthetic medicine, allowing the complex to treat various forms of cellulite and consequences of obesity and sports injuries.

Today the technology of LPG used around the world, both in rehabilitation medicine and in aesthetic care.

What problems does LPG?

LPG helps to solve a wide range of complex problems and the impact on the problem of body fat and "orange peel". In the course of the procedure can not solve the key problems of patients suffering from cellulite. What is it?

Cellulite — is not just a local increase in subcutaneous fat, but the disturbance of blood supply, lymphatic drainage, accompanied by the formation mikrouplotneny. And that, ultimately, promotes the formation of pits and dimples, the appearance of bumpy skin.

It also happens that the patient is overweight, but in certain places, which often accumulates fat, cellulite is formed.

And what is more painful cellulitis (especially in the hip area) — this is not just an aesthetic problem. It may be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the legs, edema and trophic disorders.

LPG — a technique designed to solve the main problems of cellulite: to improve the drainage of tissue directly influence the fatty tissue, adjust the contours of the body, strengthen your muscles. The skin becomes firmer, toned and supple.

In addition, LPG inhibits the aging process; trains all soft tissue, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, not only removes fat without sagging skin, but also improves its texture, tightens and reduces the stretched skin.

This procedure is in demand in those patients who want to avoid the appearance of cellulite in the early stages. It can be used in both men and women of any age, virtually no contraindications.

Advantages LPG

Most often, the extra weight is localized in certain areas, disrupting the harmony of body contouring, the proportionality of the silhouette. LPG acts directly on adipose tissue, includes the processes of digestion and fat burning. LPG procedure increases the rate of metabolism and gets rid of the aesthetic problems for years to come!

And the most important thing — it is a pleasant painless procedure hardware massage not only of individual zones, but also the whole body. The course of treatment and the number of procedures is discussed individually with your doctor.

Other effective methods of dealing with cellulite

Vibrotermoliz — The impact on the problem areas with the help of ultrasound, in order to correct the figures and getting rid of cellulite. As the ultrasonic wave? It penetrates deep into fabrics, spending a micro cells, enhancing cell metabolism, promoting the formation of new cells and improve the elasticity of tissues.

Vibrotermoliz — is a comprehensive mechanical, thermal and physical therapy action. This improves blood circulation and lymph flow, stimulates tissue regeneration, expanding the lumen of blood vessels, tissues get more power, synthesized collagen and elastin fibers.

In combination with phonophoresis, introducing special drugs vibrotermoliz is one of the best methods of cellulite in a complex application.

Elektrolipoliz is another effective way to gain a beautiful and toned figure.

Elektrolipoliz at ON CLINIC runs on a unique device that allows you to combine the key approaches to the fight against body fat: muscle stimulation, lipolysis, lymphatic drainage using micro-currents.

Thus, hardware techniques can warm up "cold" zone of cellulite, improve circulation and nutrition of tissues, effectively stimulate and strengthen muscles, get rid of excess fluid.

Hardware treatment modalities may be used in conjunction with cosmetic wraps, hand massage and other methods of treatment used by experienced cosmetologists ON CLINIC.

ON CLINIC will help to find and keep a great figure!

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